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The New Sinai
by Dr. Rabbi Moshe Dror, Jan 10, 2005
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new sinaiWhat if Moses lived today, and instead of seeing God ontop of the mountain, he saw the Divine Presence while sitting at his computer? Would God carve the Ten Commandments again in stone, or would the message of the Torah be sent out in cyberspace?

Dr. Rabbi Moshe Dror offers an interpretation of Moses for the age of cyberspace. The transmission of God's word has gone from light to stone, to parchment, now back to silicon chips and now photons. He invites us to consider how technology and spirituality are being fused into a new history.

Viewers need the RealOne Player, a free browser plug-in. Click the "Real Media" button below to view/stream this program (an 1.2 meg) file.

Moses in Cyberspace--from Light to Light,
Rabbi Moshe Dror, 5 minutes

URL: http://www.wnrf.org/cms/moshe_moses2.shtml

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