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Ambassadors-at-large: WNRF Associates
May 29, 1999

Raphael's The School of Athens with Plato and Aristotle at the center, is a symbolic painting which suggests the strength and influence of scholars and philosophers in the ancient world.

WNRF Associates are scholars for our age with spiritual vision and practical expertise in civilization building. In addition to their work in their respective fields, they serve as ambassadors-at-large for the Religious Futures movement, representing WNRF to their spheres of influence. Follow the links besides each Associate's name to learn more about their work.

Associate for Applied Ethics
DR. LEON JAMES, Youth Against Road Rage

Associate for Civic Communications
MR. DICK SPADY, Forum Foundation

Associate for Peace & Global Change
DR. LINDA GROFF, Global Options

Associate for Global Education
DR. PARKER ROSSMAN, Global University Project

Associate for Futures Studies
JOHN SWEENEY, Aloha Futures

Associate for Human Intelligence
MR. GRAHAM CLINTON, Mensa International

Associate for Integral Studies
MR. MICHEL BAUWENS, Transmodern Futures

Associate for Millennial Studies
DR. RICHARD LANDES, Center for Millennial Studies

Associate for Peace & Justice
JAMES MCMANIS, Fellowship of Reconciliation

Associate for Research & Media
REV. DR. KEN BEDELL, Ecumenical Prog. in Communications

Associate for Science & Technology
DR. EDWARD WENK, Public Policy Dialogue

Associate for Social Evolution
BARBARA MARX HUBBARD, Fnd. for Conscious Evolution

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