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2099: The Suicide of the Jews
by Tsvi Bisk, Nov. 22, 2015
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In this unconventional book, The Suicide of the Jews, Tsvi Bisk asks: Is the purpose of Zionism to recreate the Jewish past, or to create an alternative Jewish future that serves to redeem the past? Do the events of history determine how we must act by mindlessly following its tracks, or is their role to inspire us in how to manage the future?

The Suicide of the Jews is a fable from the future; a cautionary tale about one of the noblest and bravest endeavors in human history - a story of unsurpassed idealism, heroism, invention and imagination. It is the story of a country which, in its infancy, inspired the entire world with its achievements and ability to survive in the face of overwhelming odds, but which may yet self-destruct as a result of policies that cling to the past rather than respond to the demands of the 21st century. The Suicide of the Jews is a ruthlessly logical extrapolation of current events that will please neither the left nor the right - a wake-up call to be heeded by all.

Tsvi Bisk is an American Israeli Futurist and social critic. He is contributing editor to The Futurist magazine with over 100 essays and articles to his credit. His previous books were Futurizing the Jews and The Optimistic Jew.

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The Suicide of the Jews: A Cautionary Tale by Tsvi Bisk
Tel Aviv, Israel: ContentoNow (October 11, 2015)
ASIN: B016IPRPAS, Kindle
ISBN: 978-965-550-486-6
Retail price: $16.00

Excerpt from the Preface

I was born and educated in America and came to Israel in my early 20’s – one day before the 6 Day War. I became a Zionist not because of ideological conviction but because I fell in love with Israel and the potential of its people. My motivations for writing the book as well as the views expressed in it are derived from an intense feeling that there is something exceptional about Jewish peoplehood; that we betray our ancestors, ourselves and human history when we turn our backs on that exceptionality. I believe that the modern State of Israel is not only a framework to guarantee the physical survival of the Jewish people; it is also a vessel by which we can give modern expression to the energy, idealism and creativity that has characterized so much of Jewish history. I also believe that unless we strive to achieve this second aspect of Israel’s mission we will not succeed in sustaining the first and thus will not survive.

The book is, therefore, a manifestation of a wider Jewish and Zionist vision which asserts that: If Israel will not be a light unto the nations it will not be a light unto the Jews and thus will not be able to mobilize the energy and passion needed to survive.

Table of Contents:
Acknowledgements 9
The Author's Worldview 11
Foreword 13
Introduction 19
Part I – Background 27
1. The Evolution of Jewish Identity 29
2. The European Roots of Modern Zionism 37
3. Modern Nationalism 43
4. Historical Zionist Analysis 55
5. Historical Zionist Politics 65
6. The Land of Israel in Jewish Thinking 89
7. The Failure of Jewish Territorialism 99
8. The Land of Israel in Christian Thinking 109
9. Jews and "Others" 119
10. Nothing Fails Like Success 135
11. The Special Case of American Jewry 149
Part II – Resentment and Bad Policy 159
12. The World's Double Standard 163
13. Selective History (and Geography)183
Part III – Internal Weaknesses 197
14. Malfunctioning American Jewry 199
15. With friends like these who needs enemies? 209
16. The Poverty of Israeli Public Relations 217
17. The Poverty of Israeli Politics 227
18. The Bankruptcy of Labor Zionism 237
Part IV – The Turning Point 247
19. The PR Turning Point 249
20. The Demographic & Cultural Turning Point 265
21. The Moral Turning Point 277
22. The Political Turning Point 287
What Could Have Been: Rational Grand Strategy 301
Epilogue 305
Appendix 309
Endnotes 317
Index with sub-headings 327

URL: http://www.wnrf.org/cms/suicideJews.shtml

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