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Join the Network of Religious Futurists
by staff writer, Aug 10, 2003
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Have you ever thought about the future of religion in the 21st century? You might be a Religious Futurist already, without ever being called one.

Invest in your personal development today by joining a professional association dedicated to advancing the future of religion. Nurture your God-given creativity, intelligence and faith by interacting with scholars and activists from around the world who study the future of their religious tradition in view of world civilization.

The origins of the World Network of Religious Futurists date back to 1980. Annual membership is $30. Benefits include newsletter, email forum, annual conference invitation and discount on publications.

Register online now through PayPal's secure servers. 

The WNRF gathers annually at the World Future Society conference. See http://www.wfs.org for details.

URL: http://www.wnrf.org/cms/explore.shtml

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