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Zia Sardar Launches Critical Muslim
Mar 21, 2012
Zia Sardar has just announced he will step down from a 13 year run as editor of Futures journal to focus, in part, on a new project inspired by the Arab Spring: to look at Islam, the West and the wider world critically, and seek what is most suitable for all in contemporary times.

Creating a Future Islamic Civilization
Dec 4, 2008
Rashid Shaz of MilliTimes, New Delhi, has authored a book entitled, Creating a Future Islamic Civilization. Appearing initially as editorials pieces at futureislam.com, this book is an open invitation to create an Islamic civilization, as a pan-Islamic alternative in the midst of a crumbling capitalist civilization. The book is now available for free download.

Esposito's The future of Islam
Jul 20, 2010
Religion Dispatches reviews John Esposito's newest book, The Future of Islam, and shares why this clarity on this subject is critical to the future of humanity. Going beyond terrorism stereotypes, Esposito allows Muslims to speak from their social and political context about their faith.

Islam and the West: State of Dialogue
Jan 2008
In 2008, the World Economic Forum launched the first in the series of benchmarking reports focused on the state of dialogue between the Islamic and Western worlds Islam and the West: Annual Report on the state of Dialogue. In 2009, this report will embrace a broad agenda, exploring the key issues in the area of business, religion and multicultural workforces.

Survey Released of Muslim/Jewish Engagement
May 19, 2010
Debunking conventional wisdom, Muslim and Jewish groups throughout the United States are dialoguing with one another in increasing numbers, and have risen significantly in the last two years. This according to a report by Center for Muslim-Jewish Engagement on the field of Muslim-Jewish engagement.

Forces of Fortune confront Fundamentalism
Dec 20, 2009
In his new book, Forces of Fortune, Vali Nasr argues is the rising new Muslim business class who will transform Islam, not its clerics. Nasr points to Turkey, Dubai, Iran, Pakistan to provide a whole new way to think about the future of Islam. Rather than see culture and religion as primary drivers, Nasr sees economic growth through Islamic capitalism as showing a way beyond fundamentalism.

Muslims Discuss Faith & Governance at CPWR
Dec 5, 2009
Discussions by leading Muslim leaders and scholars at the Parliament of the World's Religions (CPWR) on Dec 5th turned to Islam and Politics: Faith, Governance and Society. Panelists included Anwar Ibrahim, Dr Tariq Ramadan, Dr Siti Musdah Mulia, Dr Fahad a Alhomoudi, Dr Mahdi Mostafavi and Dr Burhanettin Tatar. The discussion represented a variety of views on religion and democracy and human rights.

The Tone and the Music
June 5, 2009
'I have come here to Cairo seek a new beginning,' claimed Obama. The President spoke in Cairo to the Muslim World--and Israeli center listened. Catch Obama's 'new beginning' speech and then consider Uri Avnery's commentary, 'The Tone and the Music,' and its significance for the Arab world.

New Sharia law marriage contract gives Muslim women rights
Aug 8, 2008
Muslim women are to be guaranteed equal rights in marriage under a new wedding contract negotiated by leading Islamic organisations and clerics in Britain. Hailed as the biggest change in Sharia law in Britain for 100 years, a married Muslim couple will now have equal rights. A husband will have to waive his right to polygamy, allowed under Islamic law, in the new contract which has been described as 'revolutionary'.

Turkey Strives for 21st Century Form of Islam
Feb 27, 2008
Turkey is engaged in a bold and profound attempt to rewrite the basis for Islamic sharia law while also officially reinterpreting the Qur'an for the modern age. The UK Guardian newspapers reports on how the modernising and mildly Islamic government of the Turkish prime minister seeks to establish a 21st century form of Islam, fusing Muslim beliefs and tradition with European and western philosophical methods and principles.

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