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Space Spirit: Astronomical Civilization Building
by Richard S. Kirby, M.Div., Ph.D. and Ronald J. Kohl, Apr 29, 2004
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Illustration of Mars Sample Return Orbitor
Dr. Richard Kirby announces a book that he is composing for our members and others, delivering the purport of my recent trips to NASA, (Pasadena) JPL, and to the Military Chaplains Association (USA) Annual Institute. This as an ongoing series which collectively constitutes a WNRF/SCDI/IP book called:  

Space Spirit: Astronomical civilization building from NASA and NATO to UNESCO.


Foreword by Moshe K. Dror, Ph.D.
International President, World Network of Religious Futurists

  1. Urgency in Context: NASA's needs, the Iraqi conflict and the United Nations Security Council. Counter-terrorism and the paradigms of military, civilian and international intelligence.
  2. "Astronomicalism" as a political philosophy/science and inspiration to top government: From Star Wars to Star Wealth
  3. New paradigms in ‘revolutionary’ military science. The Schlieffen plan, the First World War.
  4. The case for Military Chaplains in Space. The Military Chaplains’ opportunities
  5. Space commercialization, space spirituality. The financial issues and opportunities.
  6. The history of astronautical finance and its trajectory.
  7. The foreign policy/NASA connection (Neville Marzwell).
  8. The International dimensions of "Operation Space Chaplaincy."
  9. China, India and Israel.
  10. Canadian, African, Australasian and Latin American Astronauts?
  11. The privatization of Military Space Chaplaincy: An entrepreneurial Wild Card.
  12. DARPA’s "ultimate think tank" and their international counterparts, past, present and future
  13. Hyper-intelligent weapons, soldiers, armies and spaceships.
  14. The decisive battles of outer space as seen through science fiction stories.
  15. Ownership of "Operation Space Chaplaincy."
  16. Personnel for ‘Operation Space Chaplaincy,’ public and private, defense and civilian, national and international.
  17. Public Relations issues.
  18. Funding "Operation Space Chaplaincy": public and private, national and international, military and civilian sources.
  19. A one hundred day plan. The hypercosmical think tank; the Order of Astronauts.
  20. Proposed Launch events and launch dates.


For further reading
Name Index; Subject Index


'Space Spirit: Astronomical civilization building from NASA and NATO to UNESCO' is our title and our concern.

"Astronomical civilization building," from NASA and NATO to UNESCO.... Around the "worlds" and back again is our subject.

This work - this community - introduces the paradigm of international leadership and profitable statesmanship in astronomical civilization building, and constitutes a monograph supplement to "The Leadership of Civilization Building" by Richard J. Spady and Richard S. Kirby (Seattle: 2002).

Of necessity, this work is also a contribution to military philosophy, science and technology, offering the conceptual and theological foundations for the development of an international "Space Chaplaincy" program of training, research and deployment. Therefore, 'Astronomical civilization building,' as a subset of Dr. Richard J. Spady's "Spiritual Civilization Building," taking as its conceptual apparatus Dr.Spady's 'Social Quantum Theory,' develops 'Astronomical civilization building' as 'social quantum culture' -- of peacemaking, as a double headed reality co-existing in quantum social space with MILITARY planning, theory and science.

'Astronomical civilization building' also necessarily juxtaposes cosmological theories and their anthropological adjuncts - exemplified by the "Anthropic Cosmological Principle" with theories of civilization, culture and society. In this respect, our subject is a successor to the work of W. Olaf Stapledon( 1886-1950), exemplified by his lecture "Interplanetary Man?" delivered in London to the British interplanetary Society in 1948, and to the present writer's own doctoral dissertation for the Ph.D. in the University of London ("The Theological Definition of Cosmic Disorder," 1992), with the later's postulation of the "Christian Cosmological Principle" as a part of the conceptual evolution of scientific cosmologic subsequent to the appearance of the 'Anthropic Cosmological Principle in such works as the eponymous book by John D. Barrow and Frank Tipler (1986: Oxford: Clarendon Press).

However, this writer would like to follow J. Bronowksi and Richard J. Spady, in emphasizing that 'Astronomical civilization building' is not a work of the 'Aristocrats of the Intellect,' but rather that it is a work of intellectual democracy. Therefore, the widest range of opinions are invited by way of commentary on this essay - opinions conventional and unconventional, establishment and counter-cultural, old and young, scientific and artistic, political and conceptual.

Thus here with this essay we of WNRF launch a space rocket of invitations to the world Body Politic to develop, with us, a vision and a plan for what Dr. Stapledon called "Interplanetary Man (Woman and Child)." And, perhaps, for our sanity, compassion, and balance, "Interplanetary Animals," along with the development of "Songs of the Stars," the hymnbooks and sacred songs of outer space. Thus our community of scholars and imagineers invents a space culture suited to the proper evolution of society - in outer space.

URL: http://www.wnrf.org/cms/space.shtml

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