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The Spiritual Academy of Arts
by Dr. Richard Kirby, July 25, 2001
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The Spiritual Academy of Arts is a school of artistic innovation, using spiritual civilization building innovation principles of financial experimentation. In other words, the Academy is a community of artists and their supporters who accomplish their survival and prosperity together through financial innovation and economic innovation in the creation, production, and distribution of their innovative works of spiritual art.



Our first academic year will run from Sep. 22, 2001 to June 1, 2002. We will work on a Quarter system. Our course modules, which can run for one, two, three or four quarters (or longer) will include:

I. Basics:

A1. The Path of the Spiritual Artist

B1. Spiritual Civilization Building

B2. Global civilization & the United Nations as a world of arts

B3. The Future of Art and the Future of the World

B4. The Sacred Theater of the World [Jim Lewis]

B5. Spiritual Arts for Civic and Political Leaders

B6. Business as a Spiritual Art

B7. Teaching as a Spiritual Art

B8. Illustration for Spiritual Arts [Larry Lewis]


II. Financial Reality, Survival and Prosperity for the Spiritual Artist

C1. Economic Survival for the Spiritual Artist

C2. Financial Innovation for Spiritual Artists

C3. New Administrative Theory for the Spiritual Arts

C4. Arts and Money: The financing of Spiritual Arts by collectors, curators, and investors


III. Friendship, Intimacy, and Love in the Life, the Creations and the Communities of Spiritual Artists

D1. Relationship Skills for the Spiritual Artist

D2. Male and Female in the World of Spiritual Artists

     D2a. Spiritual Arts for Women's Groups

     D2b. Spiritual Arts for Men's Groups

D3. The worlds of love in Spiritual Arts, past, present and future

D4. Eros, Tantra and the spiritual-sexological arts of the future

D5. The languages of love

D6. Spiritual Arts of Communication


IV. World Religions, Philosophies, Ethics and Spiritualities

E1. World Religions and Comparative Spiritualities for the Spiritual Artist

E2. Ethics for Artists

E3. Ways of Worship for Spiritual Artists

E4. Ways of Prayer for Spiritual Artists

E5. Russian mysticism, religion, spirituality and art

E6. African mysticism, religion, spirituality and art

E7. Islamic mysticism, religion, spirituality and art

E8. Jewish mysticism, religion, spirituality and art

E9. Christian mysticism, religion, spirituality and art

E10.Indian mysticism, religion, spirituality and art

E11. The Saints of Tomorrow

E12. The Altars of Tomorrow

E13. The Laboratory of Spirit


V. Young and Old Spiritual Artists and Family Life for Spiritual Artists

F1. The Senior as Spiritual Artist [Mimi Weiss]

F2. Training Your Children to be a Spiritual Artist

F3. Growing a family of Spiritual Artists

F4. Multi-ethnic PenPals and international Art creation

F5. The Spiritual Arts of the Home

F6. The Spiritual Arts of the Garden

F7. Training Youth and Youth leaders to be a Spiritual Artist


VI Training Communities to be Spiritual Arts Groups

G1. Training Your Congregation to be a community of Spiritual Artists

G2. Training Your Business to be a community of Spiritual Artists

G3. Training Your School or class to be a community of Spiritual Artists

G4. Training Your Artists to be a community of Spiritual Artists

G5. Training Your Spiritual Leaders and students to be a community of Spiritual Artists

G6. Spiritual Arts for Armed Forces educators

G7. Spiritual Arts for peace educators


VII. The Healing Arts

H1. Spiritual Arts for Spiritual Healers

H2. Wellness, Art and Spirituality

H3. Spiritual Arts for a Healing Community

H4. The Healer's Life and the Artist's Life

H5. Spiritual Arts for Pastors, Chaplains, and Religious Professionals


VIII. Science and Art in the Internet Age

I1. The Spiritual Art of the Internet

I2. Wired for Spiritual Art: cyber-networking for Spiritual Artists

I3. Science Fiction Art and Cosmic Civilization

I4. Photography as Spiritual Art

I5. Multi-media and emerging arts

I6. Cyber-arts and spiritualities

I7. Sacred architecture for the temples of tomorrow

I8. Social Quantum Mechanics

The Principals will appoint faculty for these courses. Courses will run if there are sufficient students. Education will take place in cyber-space or real space as appropriate.




 This Constitution shall serve as the permanent Constitution of the Academy unless and until it is amended or replaced by the Principals.

Section A:



The Academy is a program of the World Network of Religious Futurists and as such expresses the ambitions of that Network to advance the future of religions and spiritualities and theologies in the service of emerging forms of near-future civilization.


The focus of the Academy is the varieties of artistic  creativity systematically inspired by varieties of spiritualities from world religions, new religions, philosophies and theologies old and new, and other forms of wisdom tradition and faith-based community, towards spiritual civilization building within all human communities, be they political, military, civic, governmental, religious, artistic, educational, or whatever.


The purpose of the Academy is to develop an international inter-faith multi-art community dedicated to the pursuit of excellence {including innovation in origination, presentation and communication} in the theory and practice and community of the varieties of spiritual arts, and their associated aesthetic theories, spiritualities, and artistic communities.


The purpose the Academy can be stated more artistically, more subtly.

  1. Our purpose is the creation of a multitude of new works of Spiritual World Art, and 
  2. Our purpose is the creation and growth into supreme beauty, harmony and productivity of a community of artists who will create these works of Spiritual World Art.
  3. We could call this Global World Art, World Civilization Art, or Spiritual Civilization Art.
  4. We will let a great poet tell us what we are aiming at: to let the heart and soul of the world speak to us --- us the human family, us the animal kingdom, us the vegetable and mineral kingdom, us the angelic kingdom, us the fairy kingdom ---to speak to us in many voices. Tennyson: "the long day wanes, the slow moon climbs, the deep moans round with many voices," - Ulysses.


Section B:



The Method of the Academy is to stimulate original creativity {both in form, genre, idiom and media, and in particular works of artistic creation}, and convoke the associated creative, performing, publishing and economic communities, in spiritual arts by:


the provision of education, innovation, inspiration, and investment in experimental spiritualities and experimental aesthetics;


the publication of manifestos for artistic and social movements in spiritual civilization building and emergentive creativity;


constituting itself as an arena of excellence, an Academy of Excellence in experimental spiritual aesthetics;


pioneering new concepts of publishing in the worlds of the spiritual arts, and those arenas of artistic sponsorship where spirituality is considered important;


seeking out, encouraging, training and networking fresh voices in spiritual arts, both creative and performing;


establishing innovative academic programs for experimental spiritual aesthetics among youth, children and senior citizens;


pioneering international peacemaking and other exercises in civilization building through multi-ethnic collaborative arts programs;


providing fresh employment opportunities for unemployed and retired teachers and artists and clergy interested in the program of the Academy;


developing a ministry to the worlds of higher education and pedagogy of 'theology {or 'spiritual philosophy'}of education' through comparative spirituality as an approach to value-enhanced ethical education;


likewise developing a ministry to the worlds of higher education and pedagogy of 'aesthetics of education' through the presentation of arts-based philosophies of education to institutions of higher education and other schools;


presenting social and spiritual innovation theory and practices to existing schools, colleges and academies of arts in all nations;


offering a continuing service of education in experimental spiritual aesthetics to all futurist organizations such as but not confined to the World Future Society;


the formation of local communities of Spiritual Artists and curricula in Sacred and Spiritual Arts;


the adoption of the program of the Order of the Sacred Artists which has hitherto been taught at Light of Christ Community Church, Oklahoma, USA;


convening and training and deploying an international itinerant sacred drama group, The Star Dawn Company;


working for the healing of communities, particularly cities by linking experimental spiritual aesthetics to experimental therapeutic aesthetics;


the provision of free education in experimental spiritualities, experimental aesthetics, and experimental economics and finance in Third World countries and all economically deprived communities, neighborhoods or groups;


establishing innovative academic programs for experimental spiritual aesthetics among religious congregations, wisdom communities, associations for spiritual culture, ethical education schools and centers, faith-based communities and other societies of the higher life, esoteric schools and theosophical groups;


sponsoring a new inter-faith community of cyber-chaplaincy;


supporting the formation and operation of a community of cinematic creativity or moral movie-making based on the values of experimental spiritual aesthetics;


supporting the formation and operation of a community of science fiction creativity, based on the values of experimental spiritual aesthetics, to serve scientific communities such as NASA and DARPA, and to provide important moral reflection within communities of scientific research, policy-making and technological invention and application;


supporting the formation and operation of an international multi-faith community of spiritual cyber-creativity, based on the values of experimental spiritual aesthetics, in order to present radical ethical alternatives to the present and imaginable trajectories of the development of the Internet and other multi-national cyber-communication/computation networks, financial, economic, and value communities;


supporting the formation and operation of an international multi-faith community of spiritual cyber-creativity, based on the values of experimental spiritual aesthetics, in order to present radical ethical alternatives and innovative military chaplaincy to the present and imaginable trajectories of the development of the Armed Forces of the USA, the United Nations and other polities;


supporting the formation and operation of an international multi-faith community of spiritual economic-creativity, based on the values of experimental spiritual aesthetics, in order to present fresh avenues of abundance and prosperity to the present and imaginable trajectories of the development of the principal agencies of the United Nations {e.g. WHO, UNICEF, UNESCO and the World Bank}and other international polities;


to use the program of experimental spiritual aesthetics to stimulate financial innovation and experimental economic communities of civilization, or more generally to enrich the ideal foundations of economic thought and practice with the program of experimental spiritual aesthetics applied to global and local financial innovation and economic problem-solving in trade, finance, commerce, business, and their associated regulatory agencies and news media;


to use the program of experimental spiritual aesthetics to stimulate financial innovation and the formation and refinement of experimental economic communities of civilization building through the formation and management of ideally socially responsible corporations;


to use the program of experimental spiritual aesthetics to stimulate financial and ethical innovation in mass media;


to use the program of experimental spiritual aesthetics to stimulate financial and ethical innovation in advertising and marketing;


maintaining a permanent commitment to the advancement of all medical and other healing or wellness therapies by the program of experimental spiritual aesthetics applied to therapeutics of the individual, with reference to body-mind-soul-spirit health, healing and wellness.


The Academy is an autonomous economic community dedicated to the advancement of global financial innovation through its conduct of its economic affairs.


The academicians will pay no fees for membership or instruction; membership and education shall be free.


The academicians will contribute their talents and energies to the general good of the Academy, as their circumstances will permit.


Works ("products") of the Academy and its members belong in copyright to all media in all time to the general fund of the Academy.


Section C:


The subject matter of the academy ("Spiritual Art or SpiritualWorldArt") shall be experimental spiritual aesthetics applied to such topics as world issues, global concerns, planetary policies and politics, human condition in the space age, higher consciousness, the Internet and silicone intelligence, future science and technical world arts and social aesthetics, socially responsible business, peaceable military science, spiritual civilization building and such like subjects. Collectively all such spiritual works of art will be known as "SpiritualWorldArt".


Section D:



The Academy is a private institution. Its membership, management and governance are under the direction of the Principals, whose decisions concerning the life of the Academy shall be final.


However, the Principals may delegate authority at any time to members of the Academy or to nonmembers who are called in to serve the needs of the Academy as necessary.


The Principals shall also indirectly guide the life of the Academy by the promulgation of codes and principles of the Academy.


Section E:

Definition of Key Terms:


Concerning the definition of "spiritual arts". These terms as mentioned or implied in this Constitution shall mean all forms of creative and performing arts, whether theatrical or academic, visual or auditory, single-media or multi-media, established form or emerging form, speculative or didactic, expository, journalistic, sacred, historical, personal, legal, political or other forms of artistic expression current or previous considered to be forms, species, genres, idioms or types of art; and also emerging and future forms such as cyberwriting, multimedia, Internet journalism, new media; and will cover individual and polyauthor (group collaboration, etc.) and public and private artistic creativity.


Concerning the definition of excellence. The Academy shall be conformed to the definition of an ideally profitable organization and the pursuit of excellence as defined and achieved by championship level practitioners and founders of systems of ethics, spiritualities, literature, aesthetics, sports, finance, economics, business, philosophy, and theology.


Concerning the definition of Academy. The Academy, as mentioned or implied in this Constitution, shall mean: a college, school, lyceum, research community or the like institution [whether gathered in one place or linked by computers or in other ways] for education and research where both teachers and learners are scholars and academicians and productive members of the investigative community.


Concerning the definition of Spiritual WorldArt: (Pending) "SpiritualWorldArt" is a conceptual and marketing term coined by Dr. Richard Kirby to signify any spiritual art form which is inspired by global issues and is in form drawn from all world art traditions coupled with any spirituality.


Section F:


INITIAL APPOINTMENTS. The inaugural co-principals shall be the Rev. Drs. Moshe Dror and Richard S. Kirby.


How to Enroll:

Send us Information About Yourself:

to Registrar, Lucy E. Blair, lucstew@aol.com

  • Name:
  • Age:
  • E-mail:
  • Website:
  • Postal address:
  • Phone numbers:
  • Fax:
  • Educational background:
  • Interests/Hobbies:
  • Kind of people you want to meet or e-mail:
  • Type of writing you are interested in [from ourList]:

And tell us this:

Are you a student of writing, a teacher, or both? If you are a student, we will find you a teacher. If you are a teacher, we will find you students. If you wish, tell us how you learn [or teach] best. For we are an ideal academy in the making. There are no fees. Just community of creativity, sharing our life together as creative and other writers.

We do invite you, though, to tell us this in your own words and your own genre of writing: What do you think is or would be the best 'WorldWriting' - which we define as writing in any form on any human or global issues that will make a better world through using all the writing forms available to all nations.

Copyright 2001 by WNRF.

URL: http://www.wnrf.org/cms/sartists.shtml

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