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Religious Futurists Gathered in Toronto at WFS
By staff, Jul 29, 2012

Religious Futurists MeetWould you like to meet other futurists who are helping their churches, synagogues or ministries lead from the future, not just the past? Religious Futurists first gathered in Toronto for mutual encouragement at the "First Global Conference on the Future" in 1980, hosted by the World Future Society. Now visionaries from across North America gather again in Toronto, this past July 27-29th, for "World Future 2012: Dream, Design, Develop, Deliver."

Toronto is a multi-cultural world-class city. In 2012, it became a gathering place of 900 futurists, who will gather to dream, design, develop the new communities and markets to connect a world in transition. Among those attending will be several dozen religious futurists, who will gather during the World Future Society to share best practices of foresight within spiritual movements.

From Friday evening to Sunday afternoon, WorldFuture 2012 hosted 65 sessions, including titles such as "The Evolution of Integral Futures," "Global MegaCrisis: How Bad Will It Get? What Strategies?," "Cultural Shifts Among Global Youths," and "Exploring the Future Arts: Graphic, Sonic, Kinetic."

In addition, various 8-hour Master sessions will be taught before the conference, including courses such as "Introduction to Futures Studies," "Society 3.0," "An Insider's Guide to Foresight Consulting," and "Educational Summit."

During the conference, the World Network of Religious Futurists hosted a 75-minute open networking time on Sunday morning for any conference participant who serves at the intersection of spirituality and futures awareness. Up to 40 people attended the gathering. Open time was given to debate various provocations from the future that were shaping religion, whether positively or negatively.

A panel followed, consisting of Tsvi Bisk, Alan McManus, and Dr Linda Groff reflected on their practice of foresight within their spiritual traditions. Dr Jay Gary preceded the panel and recognized futurists who have served religious and spiritual communities, and discussed best practices of foresight work among congregations and non-profits.

The Religious Futures Network plans to gather in Chicago for July 18-22, 2013 for WorldFuture 2013 at the Chicago Hilton. For more information, see the World Future Society.

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