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Lynch offers Religion Methods Website
By staff, Dec 5, 2011

University of Kent's Professor Gordon Lynch has launched a comprehensive web site focused on "Research Methods for the Study of Religion".

Designed to help graduate students write research proposals, this site offers an overview of the field of Religious Studies and appropriate methods to conduct empirical research.

Topics covered by Lynch's web site and training are:

  • Conceptualising religion for research
  • Key elements and processes of research design
  • The role of theory in social research
  • The politics and ethics of research
  • Sampling
  • Rigour and validity in research
  • Using quantitative data-sets for research on religion
  • Ethnographic approaches in theory and practice
  • Visual methods
  • Researching media

      Each topic offers a discussion paper and bibliography on the focus. Lynch's site is a great resource on the stop of understanding and evaluating the future of religion.

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