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Invisible and Visible Worlds
by Rev. Dr. Carol E. Parrish, Mar 21, 2003
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A Esoteric Study in Relationships

Our scripture for today is Luke 12:48 "For to whomever more is given, of him more will be required"

The United States is a blessed nation; we are blessed individuals and a generous nation. We like to think of ourselves in that way, but we also must realize we have been a violent nation. We stole the land we live on from the natives. When we wanted more, we marched them off and took what we desired. We brought slaves to our land and wove violence into the very fabric of our society.

We have abused and misused and now we are facing the fact that war is a part of our heritage that holds us in limitation, we do not know how to do peace. As a people we are facing the shadow of our freedom loving nature and as Christians we think of ourselves as peacekeepers; it sounds good, but when we are killing and being killed, it is not peace. It is violence.

We all have those moments of a powerful rush when we want to fight back. This is a struggle that goes on within ourselves. The unfolding of the inner nature, the soul, is the solution to the struggles of humanity. Spirituality is learning the science of using the inner and outer resources wisely and in unique and wondrous ways. The ways are mostly as of yet, unknown.

Of all the subtle energies of spirit, love is the most evasive.  We use the acronym Lots of Vital Energy because we do not know how to define love, but we do know we are beginning to discover more and more about spirituality. I think of Dr. Larry Dossey's work with prayer and its measurable effects in healing. The unfolding of the inner nature, the Soul, is the great solution to the struggles of humanity.

We know when we are filled with spirit, we are filled with love-caring and with hope and other positive energies and in a troubled time we learn to utilize these energies as inspiration. At this point in time we as a people, stand at a doorway and knock. We have been taught, "knock and it shall be opened." We are seeing ever more clearly the convergence of science and spirituality. Spirituality is the science of using our inner and outer resources in a unique and wonderful, but as of yet, a little known way for the ills of the human condition.

Margaret Mead wisely said, "We need to devise a system within which peace will be more rewarding than war."

In truth this is our charge as disciples of the Christ, as world servers, as practitioners of either Christianity or of Islam for in the Koran (35:29) it is written, "We believe in the revelation that was sent to Moses, Jesus and all other prophets from their Lord. We make no distinction between them, and unto Him we surrender." It is the work of the wise to find the way to peace, to create peace. So today we would remember we are creating a response to world events.

Mahatma Gandhi said to many wise ones "to have the highest form of freedom carries with it the greatest measure of discipline and humility." 

If we would live as disciples we must pray without ceasing for the revelation of a new way for the human life to be lived. We must pray for all humanity and all leaders for as turbulence in the world becomes so great both those who have much and those who have little suffer. We must pray for those with a hard heart and for those who are in grief.

It is important to realize all people of the world are challenged by incarnation. It is not one tradition; it is not one system. All physical life meets challenge and in a variety of ways. I also, believe that which is holy of the Higher World cares for all.

In these thoughts we shall focus on the relationship of the Invisible to the Visible. It is important for us to recognize that when the world is mentioned we usually think in terms of the part of the world that is, as we know it everyday. Today we will expand that understanding to take in the invisible part of the world we live in as well.

I would share with you a quote from Marianne Williamson. She offers these words:

The other side of the bridge to the future is not an objective, predetermined, static destination.  In reality, it is a moveable object, a set of probabilities, and most important, a karmic consequence of the lives we lived yesterday and the lives we live today.  The bridge to the future is a bridge that moves -and the land to which it is connected moves as well-according to how we walk across the bridge and who we are while we are walking.

Let's use our imagination to see a figure eight. In the lower, slower vibrating circle we shall place our planet; in the upper faster vibrating circle we shall place something similar we will call the "inner world." Here in this upper area exist those things that represent "cause." They gradually manifest downwardly as "effect."

Usually when we think of our planet we attempt to hold a picture of the planet in our awareness, but for right now lets think about the part of the world most visible to us: our immediate surroundings. We see our home, family, school, and church. We see our neighborhood and let's say our state. In this arena we see that sliver of folk with whom we interact: family, friends, the main streets we use, perhaps the hospital and the shopping centers.

Now let's expand that to see the poor and homeless that exist around us but escape our notice most of the time; we will also add the faces and forms of others in our city we do not know. In addition we need to add the college kids, the travelers moving through the areas, senior citizens we do not know, plus country folk who exists in outlying areas.

From this expanded picture of our personal world we begin to realize we do not create our daily experience alone. We talk about creating our own world, but indeed, all of these individuals are creating this world together. Picture their energy swirling together each contributing their emanations, making currents and forces that affect our lives manifesting in a number of different experiences.

The better some of these are able to focus the better some are to create what they want or think they want. The more mature the basic self the more clearly some will create. The more intense their magnet the better they will pull certain energies together which manifest in pools of joy or sadness. Where there is more love of nature, or of children, of service or the environment the more the collective will experience concerns or rewards in any of these areas.

Now we are going to expand this picture to include the entire human family and all of these as they emanate energy into the aura of the Earth. What is this collection of feelings, thought forms, attitudes and ideas generating? We know right now there are forces of hostility, fear, self-centeredness, superiority, and nationalism, only to name a few. A name has been given to this atmosphere of pollution and peril, this collection of energies. It is miasma.

The disciple works to dispel the gloom or this miasma that holds humanity and our planet in restriction. In this sea of dark energy there exists many unconscious energies, just as there does in some quantity in each individual. Here exist old involutionary urges, instinctual needs, sexual charges, prejudices, old fears and hatreds and all of us are affected by these influences.

Now lets look again at the top picture of the figure eight we envisioned together. What do we see here?

First the heavenly world. Of course, because for thousands of years there have been teachings about the higher world where our needs are met, humanity has etched many pictures in the higher astral planes. The world of gods and goddess, the happy hunting ground of the indigenous, the heavenly world of Christianity, the after-life of Islam, the hopeful world of saints, sages and the home of apparitions. The images of God, the Archangels, the Angels and all those we love who have passed to spirit are kept energized by each of us who pause and envision this spiritual world of more subtle form.

Now we want to add to this concept, as disciples and students of esoteric thought, we want to understand it. Believing when we go to sleep at night, we pass out of the lower world of form to experience the other subtler world. It is to here we come to participate in this subtler reality for some hours. Here we are prepared to do our work in the outer: encouraged, trained and stimulated to return to active duty for the benefit of the Great Ones.

Here behind the veil of sleep we gain access to the plane of astral hopes, dreams or wishes or if more ready, to the energy of the soul or to what is called inner plane classes or ashrams or inner schools.

In the non-physical reality we can either fulfill emotional charges: looking in on loved ones far from us or lose ourselves in emotional dramas created to satisfy our personality. Or we may touch into higher experiences where we are recharged, inspired or our dedication to spirituality we return to reinforce the groups of which we are a part.

We then return to this denser world as more purified bubbles of vibrational frequencies bringing those qualities to the outer life. Likewise we may say we experience a mini recharge when we meditate. This is another way we contact higher frequencies. We as conscious workers of this denser world center and balance ourselves that we may serve as channels for the vibrancy of the higher world to flow into this denser earth world. The goal of the disciple is to benefit this planetary life as we sufficiently mature in order to play together a greater role in the planetary experience.

A conscious worker is one who knows all of this, but even more. Such a one also uses his or her power of intent, made up of both heart and mind---a thought form charged with power---and adds will-to-good. The focus of intent works like a powerful magnet forming a nucleus of power that grows into a ball of energy. This image develops as a thought form or creation. It begins to gather what is needed to fulfill the purpose or what we are calling the intent, which set it into motion.

Will-to-good is a more highly vibrating energy that is available to those who can lift the intent into the more subtle levels. Here it can be cloaked in this higher will energy. Remember the subtler the frequency, the more potent.  Now the intent that is formed is lifted, wrapped in will-to-good, remains linked to the conscious mind of the individual or group that sets it into motion.

Next step: Those who are holding this creation must gently surrender or allow it to be molded by higher will while continuing to hold steady the intent or what is often called the Work to be made manifest. The holding of intent while allowing it to be re-modeled is the hardest part because our will has been used to lift the intent into place. We used our will to put it into place, so now we hold this gossamer form we have to be open, free with it gently allowing forces of the higher realm to act upon it, so it can serve in whatever way it is to serve.

The intent itself swells, as it is consistently held in place, similar to a seed germinating; it gathers force within the inner world and by the persistent holding, the once fragile and wispy thread grows into a strong swirling vortex that can deliver inner plane energies to the earth plane.

Let's review some basic spiritual science concepts. We each incarnate with a purpose or goal. As disciples we are each related to an inner ashram or school or spiritual group. Each inner conglomerate has a primary energy and works to fulfill certain endeavors to which it can contribute.

Each of us as incarnated men and women are making a contribution to our lower world of vibration. Some holding an intent will change his or her self and contribute in a new way to the environment in which one lives. Others will draw to their own group or family experiences, good or not so good. Some will through his or her dedication contribute to purposes higher than his or her own. But each intent makes a difference. Remember "all is mind" and a conscious intent is learning to use mental energy for specific purposes.  

Some carry a magnetic quality easily used to pull groups together; some others have more specific purposes. In a time of chaos some are stabilizers and hold tight the energy of the past, aiding the whole to remain stable a while longer while some are active creatively and will more easily see possibilities for the future.

Some use will specifically to bring in a new idea, an invention, and concept. Some provide insights to transform the old into "a more suitable form to the times" manifestation. This ever more suitable creation facilitates evolution with its ever-needed adaptations.

There is another energy to be mentioned at this time as well. It is the energy known as goodwill. This is a supportive energy; it wears a friendly face and encourages adaptation. It has less force, but more magnetism. It calls to us to move ahead and align with the dynamic of will-to-good.

Neither of these energies is well understood, but in times of shifts and change focused disciples introduce both for the benefit of the work of the wise, the holy, the masters, saints before the throne, called by any name. Will-to-good focuses while goodwill massage cooperation. Will-to-good requires more imaging while goodwill provides more comfort. Both have great value and both are needed in times of transformation. They are partners in the shifting sands.

Each of these invisible energies provide needed forces when we are bringing inner reality to express in the outer.

Some believe there are no unconscious disciples; I beg to differ. Some are busy carrying out what they believe to be private lives of research, writing, developing new techniques of art or therapies, believing they are questing for answers to satisfy their own search when in fact they are working to bring through solutions for the good of all.

There are others who are caught up in the karma of the collective without knowing it, as I believe are many innocent victims of violence or national struggles. We realize the collective of which we are a part creates its group karma and because we are each a part of it, we each learn through it.

In great challenges as our country is undergoing right now we are forced to move our consciousness through the quagmire of the astral-mental planes to see the quality of idealism we can hold or the value of the effort we can make. We most often are forced to lift our view to a higher and broader focus than our usual reference point.

For example, one who sets out to free individuals of the prejudice of sexism which has been an important issue of our time, may be forced to hold his or her focus at the point of concern for the well-being of all humanity, not restricting loving concern only to one gender or in time of war a nationalist may be transformed into a planetary citizen through the challenges to be faced. These dramas of human-making push individual evolution, even while contributing to the well being of the collective. In such a way no energy or effort is ever lost, because the law of efficiency serves all Creation affecting as many perspectives as possible with each experience.

In the work of our vigil we have sought to bring resources from the higher part of our figure eight into our outer physical world. Our prayer has been and ever must be, that of "right action", not just our lesser will of "how we think it must be." By surrendering to right action, we grant to the Holy, the human will we have mustered in lifting our intent. This becomes the joint effort required by the holy ones permitting them to intervene.

Through our efforts in using personal will in alignment to higher will, we "remember we are gods", divine in nature and a part of the bringing forth of the holy upon this earth. We are learning how to create by cooperating with the Wise Ones. We may be surprised at the results, disappointed or pleased, but that is truly not the point. The purpose of such dedication is to sharper our ability to co-work with the subtler planes.

We learn to trust and to know we are a part of both worlds-the inner and the outer-and to realize we are always contributing to both and affecting both. Likewise we grow in our ability to disengage from personal will, while we learn how to work sufficiently slowed down so as not to do too much harm. We remind ourselves that our thoughts about the future go far toward creating it.

Remembering the injunction, "do no harm." Disciples learn to be good followers as they live in the outer world for they become aware that not a sparrow falls to the earth without lives being affected. In such potentized times, we tread carefully, knowing each action is multiplied in the greater picture.

You and I have learned there is an invisible world and a visible. We use prayer, meditation, adoration and contemplation consciously as we dedicate our earth plane existence to be a blessing to one another. We know ourselves to be conduits of energy to sustain and guide the human experience. How we think and how we behave go far toward determining where humanity will go.

Some serve as leaders of nations, some serve as the wise, some are the healers, and others bring forth open minds with which to perceive the new way. Each of us has a part to play. Together we form an outpost for the holy at work in the world of matter.

Our work is to reveal the subjective synthesis in humanity, to establish a great light station to illumine the realm of human thought, to honor the mysteries of initiation, to facilitate the right use of incoming new energies for healing, cleansing, and harmonizing our lives and the greater life of humanity.

We are to restore respected values, honor and virtues while bringing to an end the age-long spirit of separativeness. We make ourselves subject to impression from the higher world in order to bring about a more conscious and direct cooperation between the masters of the human race, and the world servers of the race. We are to be ever sensitive to the Plan gradually being unveiled and to train others to be as well.

Let us now take those two worlds together and hold them together in heart and mind as we join together in a meditation for planetary well-being. See your self working as a soul as we begin by sounding the sacred tone, the Om three times, aligning the physical, emotional and mental bodies under the guidance of the Wise Ones.

See yourself working as a soul aligned with a great network of others. The light and love held by the divine within each is now pulsating and circulating between and among all individuals and groups across the United States and around the world aligned with divine will.

Align now with those great teachers, saints and sages of all religions and traditions who guide human evolution and watch over planetary progress. See these wise ones holding will-to-good as they influence the hearts and minds of humanity.

See the White House, and within it see the president, vice president, and all the people in the administration working for the highest good of all peoples on Earth sensitive to the divine will being directed to the earth plane.

Let us now see the United Nations Assembly with all the leaders and representatives of the nations of the world working for the highest good of all people on earth also sensitive to divine will. See the leaders of the world sensitive to the impressions being given to them.

Now let us see a channel of light and inspiration flowing between our government and the United Nations. See them working harmoniously in cooperation for the highest good of all. See light and wisdom flowing to all involved in decision making processes uplifted and held in the wisdom of the higher.

Let us join together in saying the Mantram of Unification. Please repeat after me:

All souls are one, and I am one with them.
I seek to love, not hate.
I seek to serve, and not exact due service.
I seek to heal, not hurt.

Let pain bring due reward of light and love.
Let the soul control the outer form,
And life, and all events,
And bring to light the love
That underlies the happenings of the time.

Let vision come, and insight.
Let the future stand revealed.
Let inner union demonstrate
And outer cleavages be gone.
Let love prevail.
Let all love..

As we have joined our hearts and minds in this great work together lets us join in a spirit of repentance as we pray:

To the Great Giver of Life, we praise the gift of Life.
We regret our aggressive nature and seek peace within and without.

We hold our heart and mind poised and centered in trust to Higher Will as we face the unknown. We invoke the assistance of the Higher World and the Forces of Light and Love to be with the Leaders of all nations of the world as humanity cries out for divine intervention.

As disciples of holy consciousness, we stand focused as points of light, ready to serve the Highest as directed. We serve now by holding a calm center and open heart. Be with each of us, as we hold the peace within and express our oneness with humanity this day and each day. Let compassion pour forth into our nature as we grow in a deeper awareness of the challenges and blessings humanity experiences. Be with us, O Lord, each day as we prayerfully find our way. Amen.

Let us send forth our unified intent with one closing OM blending our voices to carry the energy of our unified souls to bless, to invoke healing and peace for all.

Please be gentle with your self as you return your attention to the outer world.

Thank you for contemplating these ideas and their importance for our world.

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