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The Future Code of Israel
by staff, Dec 4, 2009
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Prof. David Passig, Israeli futurist and consultant, has released a book entitled, The Future Code,, which considers what foresight methodologies offer the discussion of the future of Israel, from a 10 to 50 year outlook.

While many strategists have explored the future of Israel subjectively, Dr. Passig writes, "This book is the only book that was published to date that aims to predict the future of Israel with sound Futures' methodologies."

The Future Code employs a range of valid Futures' methodologies to describe Israeli trends in four future subject areas: economic situation, social life, national security and national identity.

In the first part of Passig's book, he groups various futures methodologies in four categories. Those that
1. predict probable trends (with 60-70 percent validity),
2. predict possible trends (with 40-50 percent validity),
3. predict wild card (extreme) trends (with 20-30 percent validity) and
4. assist in generating preferable futures.

While The Future Code is just in Hebrew at this point, it has been a bestseller in Israel. For more, see book summary.

URL: http://www.wnrf.org/cms/futurecode.shtml

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