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Dr. Richard Kirby
Kirby Calls for a New Wall Street
By Dr. Richard Kirby, Oct 10, 2008

In this 12 minute video cast, Religious futurists Dan Shaw and Richard Kirby, discuss the moral meaning of the Wall Street meltdown and the exciting opportunities for American citizens to help remake Wall Street.

Dr. Kirby speaking on a New Wall Street
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Dan Shaw, has recently agreed to serve WNRF as a fellow for social quantum theory. Richard Kirby is chaplain to WNRF and exec director of the Stuard C. Dodd Institute

In their discussion Shaw and Kirby bring out the facts that the Wall Street collapse should be regarded as a revelation first of all, not only as a calamity. What is revealed is the opportunity to make a new Wall Street in which there is a greater emotional as well as moral honesty about the propensity and even neccessity for the public and even the private sector to gamble and take risks.

The speakers explain that this can be seen as a search for grace, and that in the new Wall Street, which we can all help to create, this can be written into the constitution of New Wall Street as part of the moral and spiritual foundations of new money.

Wall Street is dead, even WSJ admits this. The new Wall Street will have a much closer grounding of in the emotional spiritual reality of the human search for risk and grace, which is an analogue of the experience of death and resurrection.

All viewers and WNRF members are invited to join "the parade" in celebrating the new life of the honest world of money.

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