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Terra Nova: The Religious Quest for Tomorrow
By admin, Jan 7, 2014

Whether it is Teihard de Chardin's "omega point," Barbara Marx Hubbard's "conscious evolution," Ken Wilber's "integral theory," Ziauddin Sardar's "Islamic science" or Pope Francis' exhortation to simplicity, the religious imagination continues to reframe our quest toward transformation and tomorrow. This 2014 panel shared how the spiritual quest for "terra nova" is expressed in their own futures work ranging from transmedia in Hollywood entertainment, to a "Voxtropolis" mashup in Motown with rap and social entrepreneurs, to a journal that ponders how the spirituality of science fiction is creating a post-terrestrial age.

Participants will leave this session with an understanding of:
How spiritual communities of practice create new content through storytelling.
How foresight is often embedded in a spiritual quest for a post-terrestrial world.
How futurists can look ahead, not just behind, in building faith communities.

-Jay Gary (@drjaygary) is a program director of Regent University's Master in Strategic Foresight, and senior associate with the World Network of Religious Futurists. Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA.
-Lane Jennings, journalist, script writer, and translator, is the managing editor of the World Future Review. Baltimore, Maryland, USA.
-Kate McCallum (KateMcCallumc3), producer, artist, writer, transmedia consultant, founder of the c3: Center for Conscious Creativity. Los Angeles, California, USA.
-Alex McManus (@alex_mcmanus), experience designer, writer, creativity advocate, founder of M, creator of Voxtropolis. Detroit, Michigan. Detroit, Michigan, USA.

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