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By staff writer, Sep 1, 2005

Looking for religious research with great links which research religion and analyze its future trends? Try our meta-search and explore our 100 select links.

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--World Future Society

--World Futures Studies Federation

--World Network of Religious Futurists


--Applied Futures International

--Foundation For the Future

--Foresight International

--Global Business Network: Working the Future

--Institute for the Future

--Institute for Advanced Interdisciplinary Research

--Institute for Business and Social Architecture

--The Millennium Project (UNU):

--Strategic Futures International


--The Odyssey of the Future 

--FuturesWeb: The UHCL Studies of the Future Page

--The Australian Foresight Institute at Swinburne University of Technology

--Early Classics of the Futures Field: 1950s-70s by Jim Dator

--Alvin Toffler and the Third Wave

--The Futurist Magazine (WFS)

--The Futurist Bookstore (WFS)

--Future Survey: A monthly abstract of literature on the future (WFS)

--Futures Research Quarterly (WFS)

--Futures: The Journal of Forecasting, Planning and Policy

--Futurecasts Online Magazine

--World Futures: The Journal of General Evolution

--Annotated Scenario Bibliography--1997 State of the Future Report



--AAR Religion Research Sites

--Academic Info: Religion main directory

--Association for the Development of Religious Information Systems

--Finding God in Cyberspace 

--The Pluralism Project: World Religions in America

--Center for the Study of Religion at Princeton

--Gallup Poll Topics and Trends- subscription

--Psychology of Religion Page

--Religion and Philosophy Resources

--Thursby's Religion Religions Religious Studies

--Virtual Religion Index

--Voice of the Shuttle: Religious Studies Page

World Religions Research

--Internet Search Tools for Social Scientists


--Archives-Dallas Morning Sun Religion Page

--Christian Science Monitor--Archive Search since 1980

--Cross Currents: Journal of Religion and Intellectual Life

--First Things - An Ecumenical Journal of Religion and Public Life

--Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerence

--Religion & Ethics Newsweekly (PBS)

--Religious News Service

--Religion Newswriters Association

--Religion Watch: Monitoring trends in contemporary religion links to news on the Internet

--Zondervan's Religion News & Journalism links


--Integral Global Action: NGOs, world problems & solution strategies

--The Carter Center

--The Club of Rome

--Commission on Global Governance

--Center for the Study of Global Christianity

--Global Ideas Bank

--Journal of World-Systems Research

--International Peace Research Association

--Millennium Institute: substainability resources and software

--New Renaissance magazine: discussion on the future of society

--Philosophy of History Archive: exploring macro-history dynamics

--Substainable Culture Information Service

--Think Tanks, Associations, and Independent Research

--United Nations Home Page

--United Nations System: official web site locator

--World Transformation

--World Watch Institute: ecology and economy


--Aspen Institute: enhancing leadership through informed dialogue

--Communitarian Network: strengthening civil society

--Great Books of Western Civilization

--Foundation Global Ethic: intercultural and interreligious research

--Institute for Global Ethics

--Meme Central - memes, memetics, & mind virus resource

--National Values Center: spiral dynamics


--Briar Patch Music

--Center for Religious Humanism

--First Church of Cyberspace

--Ken Wilber Online: Integral Studies

--House of Breathings: Celtic and contemplative spirituality

--Image: A Journal of the Arts & Religion

--Metaphysics of Technology and Spirituality

--Spiritech UK: Spirituality & Technology

--Spirituality & Health: the Soul/Body Connection

--Utne Reader Online


--Center for Millennial Studies: scholars on millennialism

--Everything2000: links and coverage of year 2000 groups

--John Reilly's Eschatology & Governance Reviews

--Presence: covenant eschatology

--Science Fiction Resource Guide

--Utopia on the Internet


--Association of Interfaith Ministers

--Council for a Parliament of the World's Religions

--Global Dialogue Institute

--International Council of Christians and Jews

--International Interfaith Centre

--North American Interfaith Network

--Religious Tolerance

--Sourcebook: For Earth's Community of Religions

--United Religions Initiative

--World Council of Churches


--American Assoc. for the Advancement of Science

--ASA: The American Scientific Affiliation

--Center for Theology & the Natural Sciences

--Counter Balance: New views on complex issues

--Faith & Reason: PBS on-line

--Institute on Religion in an Age of Science

--John Templeton Foundation

--Living Universe Foundation: sustainable development in the oceans and space.

--The Royal Society: Academy of science

--Science & Spirit Resources

--Science & Religion Forum

--UNESCO: United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Org


--Institute for Technology Assessment

--Hudson Institute of Indianapolis: The American Outlook

--RAND Corporation: Improving decision making through research

--SRI International: Inventing the Future through Technology Innovation Time Magazine's religion & technology site
--Hot Wired

--Wired News


--Community Resource Institute: grant links

--Foundations Archive

--Foundations Center

--Foundations On-Line

--Philanthropy Journal Online


--Amazon.Com: find the book you want to buy

--Bibliofind: search for old and used books

--DejaNews: search Internet discussion groups postings

--First Search Databases: 38 million records online
(ask your local librarian for OCLC authorization # and password)

--InfoTrac SearchBank of Periodicals: full text search
(ask your local librarian for modem access)

--Library of Congress Home Page

--Internet Search Tools for Social Scientists

--Scholarly Journals Distributed via the Web

--Booklist: the librarian's choice for book reviews

--Shareware.Com: the way to find software on the Internet

--UMI's Dissertation Abtracts

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