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The Optimistic Jew - Book Tour
By staff writer, Aug 4, 2007

Tsvi Bisk, author of The Optimistic Jew, concluded his five-city tour of the U.S. at the World Future Society annual conference on July 31st, speaking on a positive vision for the Jewish people in the 21st century. The Optimistic Jew is a new title from Maxanna Press, and can be ordered in print or e-book from After inspiring 70 participants at a morning session, all copies of Bisk's new book were sold out at the "meet the author" signing session.

Bisk's new book raises the conversation of Jewish futures to new heights. Part I covers "The Jews in 2007: Where We Are, How We Got Here and Where We Should Be Going" through ten chapters. It gives both Jews and Gentiles a condensed but comprehensive picture of where Israel, Judaism, and the Diaspora stand. Part II has five chapters that depict an "imagineered" and optimistic Jewish future from the vantage point of the year 2020. It is a quick, lively, but substantial read of 270 pages, followed by a discussion guide

Bisk is a unique Israeli futurist, educator, and strategy planning consultant, who lives in Tel Aviv. He has published over 100 articles in Hebrew and English. The Optimistic Jew is much more accessible to the non-scholar, than his previous Futurizing the Jews (2003). It delights, it stimulates, and provokes everyone, whether Jewish or not, to believe that universal values can be affirmed and thorny problems can be tackled, such as Arab-Jewish relations, or the Settlement Policy in Israel.

Bisk offers all this, with breadth and depth, including wisdom-filled chapters on "Living with the Christians" and the cultural and spiritual resources of American Jewry. The Optimistic Jew should be read and talked by Jews, Christians and Muslims everywhere, even together. It is a landmark contribution to the field of religious studies, futures studies, peace studies, and Zionist studies.

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