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The Patriarch's Journey
By Dr. Rabbi Moshe Dror, Jan 2, 2005

God's first word to Abraham, the first word to the first Hebrew, was 'to move,' --to go across. This is repeated twice in Genesis 12. When pondering this, the Rabbis surmised the second word, stood for a 2nd journey. Along with the physical journey across the desert came an inner journey of conciousness. Today, we need to heed the call to move across a new world of silicon, to inhabit the world of connectivity, creativity, and spirituality, produced by technology and the Internet.

Dr. Rabbi Moshe Dror offers the first of several webcasts, inviting listeners to join him on Abraham's journey, and explore how we might use cyberspace to expand our spirituality and community.

Viewers need the RealOne Player, a free browser plug-in. Click the "Real Media" button below to view/stream this program (an 800k) file.

Abraham's Journey--Our Journey,
Rabbi Moshe Dror, 3 minutes
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