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The Future of the Religion Business
By Tsvi Bisk, Aug 19, 2013

Even though there are no statistics on the economics of religion one might reasonably assume that if one calculated the aggregate turnover and cash flow of all the religions and religious activities globally – their aggregate buying power and the goods and services they produce and consume – that we are talking about one of the biggest business sectors in the world, if not the biggest.

The global economics of organized religion, New Age religiosity and various other ‘spiritual’ practices might run into the trillions of dollars.

Religion is the first and largest 'information/ communications business' in the world. It receives processes and transmits information and has been doing so for thousands of years. Religion has made effective use of every information and communications technology that has ever existed: speaking, writing, printing, radio, television, cassette tapes, Internet, social media etc.

Religion has reinvented itself endless times over the centuries: redefining its mission, repackaging its image, reformulating its message. For more see:

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