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Study Highlights Emerging Jewish Communities
By Synagogue 3000 & Mechon Hadar, Dec 3, 2007

Over the past few years, an important new phenomenon in Jewish life has manifested: the creation of dozens of independent minyanim, spiritual communities, alternative worship services, and emergent congregations. These new organizations add diverse opportunities for worship, learning, social justice work, community-building and spiritual expression.

Very little was known about the thousands of people associated with these new endeavors. Who are they? What are their concerns? How do they feel about the communities they're creating, joining, and building? Why do they participate?

To answer these questions, the S3K Synagogue Studies Institute, in collaboration with Mechon Hadar, conducted a survey designed by the prominent sociologist Steven M. Cohen in partnership with Rabbi Elie Kaunfer and Shawn Landres. The goal was to find out more about the participants, members, partners, and "acquaintances" of these new spiritual communities. The results of this work form the first ever portrait of the interests, values, and concerns of a critical innovative turn in American Judaism.

The preliminary findings are now available at

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