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Dr. Richard Kirby
The Dance of the Dollars
By Dr. Richard S. Kirby, August 24, 2000

Washington, D.C. November 2, 2005

Looking back over the early days of our New Economic Earth, it is rewarding and enjoyable to recall its earliest days. As an economic historian, I have often been asked whether I could tell the story of how such a momentous change in the world's monetary system came about.

Many have wondered at this economic, or monetary, miracle. They want to understand how, in fact, the World National Product was quadrupled almost overnight. It is a remarkable story, and an inspiring one. Every educated person knows parts of it today; but there are parts that have not yet been told. Undoubtedly, this is a story, which would stretch the credulity of people who are not comfortable with what we might call outlandish ideas.

I would go further. I would say that without a capacity for, shall we call it elvish thinking, it would be difficult to give credence to the story I am about to tell. But for those who are open to the elvish or elven view of reality this story will make perfect sense and will reveal itself to them either as history or as present fact or as future necessity.

I suppose one way that we could describe this story is as a celebration. It has been, is, and will be a celebration of a new financial philosophy. It is a heroic story: without a doubt the Thalers should certainly be praised as among those "heroes with a thousand faces" whom Joseph Campbell referred to in his book by that title.

The people of Wall Street and elsewhere should be, and sometimes are, delighted to praise the Thalers. Certainly, the elves and the fairies delight to praise them and to applaud them. This perhaps is some compensation too for the dreadful ordeals, which the Thaler family went through on their road to the financial cosmos, which they opened up.

As many of my readers know, physicists have been telling us for years about black holes in space. These are so called because light cannot escape from them. And although physicists such as Stephen Hawking may say with humor in their prose that black holes are white hot, there is still a monochrome or at best a black-and-white nature to them. They are also dangerous places in the cosmos, or so we are told.

But the financial cosmos accessed by the Thalers is more of a rainbow color than a black hole. It is true that they discovered a form of cosmic reality as well as a form of economic reality. But the hole in space and time that they found was not dark or gloomy or black-and- white but blessed with all the colors of the rainbow. The rainbow is a good image for us to use in thinking of their achievement. It represents a sign of God's trustworthiness and beauty and saving power.

As with most tales of mystic experience the saga of the Thalers is inconceivable, incomprehensible, and ludicrous gibberish except for those who had a similar experience. Were it not for the quadrupling of the World National Product as a result of their experiences, they would have been dismissed as amiable lunatics. How it came about, instead, that they were promoted to special executives in the World Bank is one of those mysteries, which we are trying to explicate in this chronicle.

We have to find ways of approaching our subject, as it is so arcane, so recondite. After all, not only is this the celebration of a new financial philosophy; it is also the story of a family who are catapulted into an alternative reality. Their strange report is that in this adjacent universe, which they jokingly called for reasons known only to them, a financial cosmos, it seems that wealth is boundless. All, they say, are winners there, financially. They claim that there is a pathway, which connects our world to this alternate financial cosmos. Laughingly, they call it the New Wall Street.

Mystic Money Land

The Thalers have a name for this Other World, this alternate reality. They sometimes call it Mystic Money Land.The Thalers claimed that they learned in Mystic Money Land the meaning of their life and love. They claim to have been initiated into a role as a representative 21st century family or economic unit.

As has been reported on the news recently, so empowered were they by their vision that they have set out to build a new financially-ideal road in every city that they visit. Either on account of their presumption or on account of their wisdom, they are proposing to call these roads of financial wealth New Wall Street. Their claim, laughable or grandiose as it may seem, is that it is possible to link up all the New Wall Streets in many cities. In this way there will be literally roads to wealth in many towns.

The Thalers seem to be in the tradition of those foolish visionaries of old who go to towns like London or New York thinking that the streets were paved with gold. But the Thalers claim that in New Wall Street or in the New Wall Streets there is a kind of gold paving. Perhaps it is just the gold of inspiration. But they claim that this is enough to create vast, abundant wealth, to create new money that does not alienate people but heals them.

A New Currency Unit

The Thalers claim that they regularly take trips to Mystic Money Land (Voyage to Arcturus by David Lindsay). The Thalers claim that in their trips to Mystic Money Land, whether they are real or imaginary, physical or spiritual, they find "free money" for the poor. They claim that the whole new financial system is imbuing the earth as the energies of the financial cosmos touch our world.

The Thalers claim to be designing a new currency unit called the Aster.

The Aster, they say, is a successor to the dollar as a world currency unit. They say it comes from the Greek word meaning star. They say, in their astonishing idealism, that it is possible to have better money than presently exists. They claim that in the economy of the Astor, or in the economics of the Astor, we are dealing with a kind of money that is a sort of economic meteor. As it passes through successive hands, in its flow through the world, it leaves behind a blessing of light and health and love.

The Thalers have told journalists that they do not intend to live indefinitely in what they call jocularly Old Earth. They sometimes refer to it as Old Economic Earth. They seem to have a glint of humor in their eye when they use these words. There is a kindness mixed with intelligence and wisdom in their look as they consider the present philosophies of the world's economic systems. But be that as it may, they claim that one day-- it may be sooner, it may be later-- they will go away to Mystic Money Land never to return.

And yet, they say that they will leave behind a legacy. They will not leave us empty-handed. Their legacy is the means to tap into the energy world of money magic, they claim. They say that they will leave behind a magic Mint.

They even bring music into their story. They say, preposterously to our ears, that they will leave behind mighty songs of mighty money, whatever that means.

Thus ends the first installment of the Dance of the Dollars. Part two will be posted here next month. To learn more about elves, read J.R.R. Tolkien, The Hobbit [many paperback editions] or his book, The Lord of the Rings. London: Allen and Unwin, and US: Ballantine Books. To learn more about free money, read the prophet Isaiah.

Copyright 2000 by Richard Kirby.

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