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Cox Addresses Future of Faith
By staff, Dec 28, 2009

Renowned Harvard Divinity theologian, Dr. Harvey Cox, evaluates various trajectories in the future of religion, including the desire to experience God beyond dogma, and the porous boundaries between Christianity and other faiths. He concludes by summarizing insights from his latest book, The Future of Faith and answering questions during this C-Span broadcast. He speaks for 29 minutes and takes questions for another 22 minutes. Watch this program.

Cox retired from Harvard Divinity School in September, 2009, where he'd taught since 1965. He's a Baptist minister and has been a visiting professor at Brandeis University, Seminario Bautista de Mexico, the Naropa Institute, and the University of Michigan. Dr. Cox has written several books, including "The Feast of Fools," "The Seduction of the Spirit,"  and "When Jesus Came to Harvard."

Dr. Cox will speak this summer at the World Future Society on this subject, and be joined by Dr. Todd Johnson and Dr. Jay Gary.

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