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The Cosmotheistic Hypothesis of Mordechai Nessyahu
By Tsvi Bisk, May 30, 2012

Mordechai Nessyahu viewed his life work as a product of his Jewish identity and his particular interpretation of Jewish history. He assigned a special place for the Jews and the Jewish outlook on life in the development of conscious civilizations throughout the universe.

The Cosmotheistic hypothesis posits that due to the evolutionary nature of cosmic development, now being revealed by the "New Physics" and "New Cosmology", it is statistically certain that huge numbers of conscious life forms (equivalent in self awareness to human beings) have arisen throughout the Cosmos.  A very small percentage (but large in number) of these conscious civilizations have or eventually will expand throughout their own solar systems and eventually achieve interstellar exploratory capabilities.  By doing so they will of necessity have raised themselves to new levels of consciousness.

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