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Moshe Dror Receives Earl Award
by staff writer, Jul. 28, 1998
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Each year the World Network of Religious Futurists presents "The Earl Award" to recognize the Religious Futurist of the Year. The award is given for outstanding service in advancing the contribution of world religions to the future of humanity.

The award is a clear Scottish moonflower crystal set atop a blue felt pedestal, symboling the prophetic insight which the award winner has offered to the world from their religious tradition.

The Earl Award is named after the late Dr. Earl D.C. Brewer (d. 1993), director of the Center for Religious Research and professor emeritus of religion and society at Emory University. Brewer was a pioneer of the 20th century who placed the study of religion in a futures context. In 1991, he became the first Earl Award winner. Since then, other recipients of the Earl have included Dr. Parker Rossman, Richard J. Spady and Barbara Marx Hubbard.

The Earl Award for 1998 was presented to Rabbi Moshe Dror, PhD. in recognition of efforts to establish Jewish religious futures as a field of inquiry. Rabbi Dror received the Earl in a formal presentation made on July 30st at the World Future Society conference, held in Washington, DC.

Dr. Moshe Dror serves as the Media Lab Director at Bet-Yatziv University, in Beer Sheva, Israel. He is recognized throughout Israel and the Jewish Diaspora as leading futurist, and was recently appointed as the resident Futurist of the Ministry of Education for Israel.

Dr. Dror began his career as an educator back in 1955 with a B.A. in History from the City College of New York. He graduated the same year from Teacher's Institute of the Jewish Theological with a Religious Education degree.

In 1959 he received his Master of Hebrew Letters Degree and was ordinated by the Rabbinical School of Jewish Theological Seminary in New York, NY. For the next six years he served as Rabbi of Temple Shalom, in Greenwich, CT as their Rabbi.

In 1966, he returned took up a post at New York University, in Continuing Education and the division of Liberal Studies. For the next 15 years, Dr. Dror served in as both a lecturer and then a curator in Jewish Studies and art, living in New York and Chicago.

Moshe's interest in futures studies matured during his PhD studies in Media Ecology with Prof. Neil Postman, in the School of Education of the New York University, New York, NY. His PhD thesis (1977) was entitled, "Time and Space Bias in Media: Clarifying a Communication Theory of Harold Adams Innis."

His quest, then and now, in his own words, "is to be able to generate some significant questions that deal with the congruence between my spiritual quest as a Jew, Israeli and global citizen with the emerging post-post-modern world into the next millennium."

In 1981 Dr. Dror relocated to a small development town, Yeroham, in the Negev desert of Israel to help develop Ramat HaNegev College.

Since 1994, Dr. Dror has established the Department of Computer Mediated Communication at Bet-Yatziv, whose mission is to train educational personnel in teaching Judaica through the use of modern computer technology.

This past March, Dr. Dror hosted the Second Annual Conference on "Futurizing Jewish Education: New Paradigm Shifts," which drew scholars and practioners from around the world. Since 1994, Dr. Dror has also given leadership to the Israel Chapter and the Jewish node of the World Network of Religious Futurists. For more information on the emerging field of Jewish Futures studies, contact WNRF

URL: http://www.wnrf.org/cms/moshedror.shtml

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