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Tribute to Mimi Weiss
by Dr. Richard S. Kirby, Dec 3, 2002
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Mimi Weiss died on Sunday, October 13th aged 74. She had been a distinguished leader of the Religious Futurist movement.

Mimi started out with a Fortune 500 company in fashion and cosmetics. Later in the '60s, she taught school in a black neighborhood in Berkeley. In the '70s, she was a psychotherapist specializing in Reichian therapy. In 1999, she cofounded he Golden Phoenix Society, an offshoot of the Stuart C. Dodd Institute.

Along the way, she also worked as a corporate trainer, with companies such as the American Red Cross, Pacific Northwest Bell, Sheraton Maui Hotels, U.S. Forrest Service, Sony Corporation, Portland State University, Kaiser Permanente and Safeway.

In this capacity, she also gave humorous and unforgettable keynotes, under titles such as: Spirit of Success--Success of Spirit, Let God, Let Life Live it Up!, Women: The Power of the Life,  Live it Up!, Madness to Magic, The Recovery Journey, You are the Gift Receive It!, and Health and Wealth: Double Abundance.

Mimi was also a Performance Artist in dance and song. Here shows included, Mimi Sings Broadway: an unforgettable musical, Walking through: an autobiography, Walking through the Fire on a Bed of Miracles or Memoirs of Grace: an autobiography.

Although Mimi never married, she was a person from a large family that had many children and grandchildren. She was a celebrity in her local district Madrona in Seattle, Washington where she was known, at her own request, as the Purple Passionate Person.

From the 1990s onward she wore only purple, the color of royalty, and acted accordingly. She was a majestic presence but her formidable intelligence and persistent creativity was well balanced with an extraordinary kindness. She has been described as "humanity at its best".

In October 2001 Mimi discovered that she had pancreatic cancer. She began a heroic year of struggling against this usually terminal illness.

Early in her treatment she had the very long operation called the Whipple procedure and after that she went home and loved courageously and worked for the next twelve months.

During the last month of her life she was in hospital several times and her desire to pass away at home was a wish that was granted by the cosmos or by God. I last spoke to her on Friday, October 11th and we chatted and although she had started to take morphine she was very perky and the last thing we said, concerning a private matter that I wanted to discuss with her, was "I will get back to you" or "I will call you back".

The next day she went into the hospital for a checkup and it was discovered that she has pneumonia. She went home that evening and about midnight on October 12th there was a change in her breathing and in her condition.

At that point a number of friends gathered around her bed for the Last Watch and amid a welter of prayers, bible reading and love she took her last breath at 3.30 p.m. on that Sabbath day. Born Jewish, she was baptized a Roman Catholic a few weeks before her death.

The legacy of Mimi Weiss as a female Senior Religious Futurist is a yet unplumbed. I have known her closely for five years, worked with her, studied with her, learned from her, supported her and helped her give birth to some of her ideas. I feel that this legacy will revive like a Phoenix and take a fresh embodied form in some women of the near future who will revitalize Mimi's dream of empowered, forward looking, spiritually minded senior citizens.

Mimi's memorial service was held at her church on October 27th and a very large number of people attended and many eulogies and paeans of praise were spoken in her honor.

She lives among us still, not only as a memory but as a source of unbroken inspiration for the making of a better life quality and quantity for the senior citizens, the women and children of today and the near and far future.

URL: http://www.wnrf.org/cms/mimiweiss.shtml

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