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Welcome to the Jewish Futures Network
by Rabbi Dr. Moshe Dror, July 28, 1998
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Mon, 10 Aug 98      18 Av 5758

Rabbi Moshe Dror
Hello, greetings and welcome to the Jewish Futures Network, based in Israel.
    A little about myself and what am I doing here. Since 1981 I have been living in a small development town, Yeroham, in the Negev desert of Israel.
     I grew up in New York City and lived most of my life in big cities--New York, Chicago, Geneva. Now, the probably defining force in my life is the fascination with the magic, majesty, and mystery of the desert--the basic source of the sand / silica that is transforming all of our lives.
     My interest in futures studies matured during my studies for my PhD in Media Ecology with Prof. Neil Postman. My quest then, as now, is to be able to generate some significant questions that deal with the congruence between my spiritual quest as a Jew, Israeli and global citizen with the emerging post-post-modern world (the emerging 4th wave) into the next millennium. I envision with growing fascination the developing Noosphere of Teilhard de Chardin, co-emerging with the mystical traditions of Judaism--Kabbala, as they are becoming manifest in the world of digitized cyberspace.
     It is one thing to think and teach about all this in the halls of academe, it is quite another to come to the Land of Israel, sit in the desert and be part of making it happen in the trying and often maddening times of the vision and the real politic of a people that is trying to live up to some vision quest of its own based on the Biblical challenges of a people dealing with the sacred in the mid 20th century. No small matter. No easy matter, either. Most of the times I feel overwhelmed and puny in the face of the tremendous challenges. And with friends like the WNRF family, and my own faith, vision, and determination that this is the only real game in town that is worth devoting the rest of my life to.
     Currently , in the real world, what I do is direct the Computer Mediated Media Lab of the National Jewish Studies Center For Teachers In-Service Training of the Ministry of Education of Israel. I do lot of research, teaching and writing in the field of Jewish Futures Studies. With the prophetic visioning in my past, the real-politic of Israel and global Jewry of the present and mostly with the future vision quest of attempting to see over the next horizon of where we might be and why into the next millennium.

Dr. Moshe Dror
Computer Center, Bet-Yatziv
World Future Society- Israel Node (WFSIL)
Jewish Futures Network, a WNRF affiliate
E-mail: jewishfutures@wnrf.org
Tel: 972-7-6283504 Fax: 972-7-6283506

URL: http://www.wnrf.org/cms/jewishw.shtml

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