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Questions for Jewish Futurists
by Rabbi Dr. Moshe Dror, Aug 10, 1998
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As to the Jewish Futures Network, I would like to suggest what I see as the basic sets of questions that we might relate to.


      1.1. Jews are very community conscious. How might this change as the we rethink and live in the virtual communities of cyberspace?
      1.2. We talk a lot about "continuity" and we live in an era of DIScontinuity. What will be the social dynamic that allows for the interface of these global systems?
      1.3. Adam is the Hebrew word for Human. Adam is derived from the word Adamah-earth, silica. What are the ways in which we might be redefining the very nature of what it means to be human in the era of the carbon based human and the silica based cyberworld. Added to this is the emerging significance of Light as the basic carrier of knowledge systems and the primordial metaphor of the Divine. How can we let ourselves be carried on these wings of energies of Light and cyberlight?
      1.4. How to negotiate the dance of the interplay of Globalization and Tribalization so as to have the best of both, if it is at all possible?


      2.1. Judaism has been on a spirituality quest for nearly 4,000 years. How do we deal with the next transformation of this spirituality, but now--online.
      2.2. What might it mean to be a Rabbi in a Synagogue designed for the 21st century, not just in the 21st. century. How do we design and create a CyberSynagogue?
      2.3. Given all of the transformations in what is information, knowledge, learning--how might we futurize Jewish Education in Israel and in the global Jewish communities?
      2.4. What are the emerging spiritual quests within Judaism beyond the orthodox (1st wave), reform and conservative (2nd wave), into the renewal movements (3nd wave) into the virtual-cyber spirituality of the 4th wave?
      2.5. How might Judaism learn from and contribute to the many other spiritual faith communities that are asking similar questions about their own traditions. This is a global quest.


      3.1. Zionism is one of the successful Jewish responses to the Industrial Society. What might be a Neo-Zionism for the cyberworld?
      3.2. How do we finally figure out how to live in peace and mutual respect with our neighbors and help develop the New Middle East?
      3.3. Jews have been, and are, an information intensive people. How might Israel become a significant player in the global knowledge brokering systems in the future, and add the significance of value-based knowledge.
      3.4. How might Israel play a meaningful role in the emerging Human transformations that we are all experiencing?

Dr. Moshe Dror is coordinator of the computer mediated communication department of the National Center for Teacher's In-Service Training in Judaica of the Israel Ministry of Education (Bet-Yatziv, Beer Sheva); coordinator of the Israel node of the World Future Society; coordinator of the Jewish Futures Network of the World Network of Religious Futurists.

URL: http://www.wnrf.org/cms/jewishn.shtml

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