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    Jewish Futures
    Toward a Potential Zionist Renewal
    Jan 15, 2001
    How can Judaism experience a post-Zionist renewal? How can we experience Jewish continuity in an age of dis-continuity? How do we navigate change?

    Top News
    Century of Faith, 1901 letters, 2101 survey
    Jan 6, 2001
    One hundred years ago the leaders of the Pikes Peak region sealed a Century Chest with some 130 letters and items, many addressed to congregations or clergy of the year 2001. What did these people of faith from 1901 have to say to us? What message, in turn, did people send to the next century?
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    Muslim Futures
    Alternative Futures for the Islamic Ummah
    Mar 26, 1996
    This paper offers three scenarios for 2025 and the future of the Islamic Ummah: (1) the Ummah as an Interpretive Community, (2) The Future Without a Name, and (3) Islam as the difference in creating the next century.
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    Dr. Richard Kirby
    The Dance of the Dollars
    August 24, 2000
    Richard Kirby shares a tale of mysticism and money set in the year 2005.

    Dr. Richard Kirby
    God and the Future of Mathematics
    June 27, 2000
    Richard Kirby calls for theology of mathematics.

    Dr. Richard Kirby
    Chaplain to the Stars
    May 20, 2000
    Richard Kirby shares a science fiction tale of faith, a Lunar encounter with the numinous by the first religious Chaplain to the stars.

    Dr. Richard Kirby
    Sibelius and the Music of the Future
    Apr 18, 2000
    Richard Kirby celebrates the music of Finnish composer Jean Sibelius and his world spirituality.

    Christian Futures
    Future-Proof Your Ministry
    Feb 15, 2000
    Jay Gary offers five steps you can take to develop a forward view of Christian publishing.
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    Dr. Richard Kirby
    The Animals of Tomorrow
    Dec 10, 1999
    Richard Kirby calls for religion to inspire us to serve as caretakers of animals everywhere and raise their quality of life.

    Dr. Richard Kirby
    The Orders of the Future
    Nov 29, 1999
    Richard Kirby calls for a renewal of religious order for the future.

    Dr. Richard Kirby
    The Saints of Tomorrow
    Oct 15, 1999
    Richard Kirby calls for All Saints Day to be commemorated in view of a new search for new saints from a new generation.

    Dr. Richard Kirby
    The Theologies of Tomorrow
    Sept 15, 1999
    Richard Kirby offers 30 features of a theology for the future.

    Muslim Futures
    Rescuing All Our Futures: Book Notice
    Sep 15, 1999
    The future is the last frontier where non-western societies are still free--free to envision desirable futures based on their own worldviews, cultures, and traditions. Yet the discipline of futures studies, this volume argues, has abandoned its goal of exploring such diverse and alternative futures in favor of a single, myopic vision that is incapable of seeing outside the framework of western thought and action, claims editor of this new Greenwood book by Ziauddin Sardar.  Visit Website ]

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