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Free-Will Muslims in the Future?
Jan 15, 2004
There has been a growing interest among researchers in post-fundamentalist Islam. Through examining the religious attitudes and practices of Muslim girls, Belgium PhD student Nadia Fadil investigates the viability of a 'European Islam' and in so doing poses questions about the nature of secularization, free will and individualization of religious practice and belief.
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Islam Pressured to Back Human Cloning
Jan 6, 2005
Islamic nations are being asked to back the use of human cloning for research purposes. The decision could have significant consequences for the debate at the United Nations over an effort by the U.S., Costa Rica, and other nations to ban all forms of human cloning.
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Muslims and the Study of the Future
Sep 15, 1998
Ali Al-Timimi, an Islamic teacher, offers a popular two-part audio address in English (after 20 secs of recitations). They are Real Audio files. Look for "Muslims and the Study of the Future".  Visit Website ]

What Future for Muslim Identity?
Jun 15, 2004
In Muslim Wake-Up Call magazine, Dr. Munawar Anees, a Pakistani-American writer and social critic, asks "What are the factors that have gone into pushing Islamic culture ino the Dark Ages, which is what we see today in the Muslim world in this culture impasse?"  Visit Website ]

A Call to Reclaim Arab Knowledge
Oct 28, 2003
Arab countries need to close a “growing knowledge gap” by investing heavily in education and promoting open intellectual inquiry, say the authors of the second Arab Human Development Report, published by the United Nations Development Programme. The Arab states should also encourage greater interaction with other nations, cultures, and regions of the world, the authors argue. “Openness, interaction, assimilation, absorption, revision, criticism and examination cannot but prompt creative knowledge production in Arab societies,” the Report states. The report can be downloaded as a digital file.
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Islam, Postmodernism and Other Futures
Aug 5, 2003
Now for the first time, a collection of writings by Dr. Ziauddin Sardar is available in paperback format. Sardar is the leading Islamic futurist worldwide and most recently author of, Why Do People Hate America? This collection, edited by his colleagues showcases his thoughts on issues of Islam, cultural change, education, post-modernism and the future. In 1986, Sardar authored The Future of Muslim Civilization, and established the field of Muslim Futures. Following September 11, 2001, he has become an increasingly important voice in the media as a Muslim intellectual, offering insights on both Islam and the West.
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Has the U.S. Become Judeo-Christian-Islamic?
May 16, 2003
Leading Muslim organizations say it's time for Americans to stop using the phrase "Judeo-Christian" when describing the values and character that define the United States. Better choices, they say, are "Judeo-Christian-Islamic" or "Abrahamic," referring to Abraham, the patriarch held in common by the three major monotheistic religions. Opponents argue that to alter the phrase is political correctness and revisionist history at its worst. The conflict illustrates the power of words, especially those touching on religion, national history and identity.  Visit Website ]

Islamic Civilization in Globalization
Jan 10, 2001
Islam can be seen as a counter discourse to globalization, to the expansion of economic space and the fulfillment of the dreams of the social darwinists. However, even as Islam attempts to create alternatives to globalism, national politics doom it to a politics of reaction.
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Stop calling Islam the enemy
Dec 5, 2002
A British columnist claims part of Bush's neoconservative intelligencia is trying to turn the war on terrorism into a war on Islam. He claims it is irresponsible to turn conflicts with Muslim sects into a conflict with Islamic civilization.
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The Future of Islam in America
Nov 1, 2002
Yahiya Emerick, an American convert to Islam, shares his reflections on what it is like to be a Muslim in America after the September 11th bombing.   Visit Website ]

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