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Rethinking Islam
Jun 11, 2002
Far from being a liberating force, a kinetic social, cultural and intellectual dynamics for equality, justice and humane values, Islam seems to have acquired a pathological strain. We now actually wear the garb, I have to confess, of the very demons that the West has been projecting on our collective personality.
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Orientalism by Zia Sardar: A Review
Jul. 8, 2002
In his book, "Orientalism," Zia Sardar claims the 'Orient' is basically an object of the West formed to comply with the fears, problems, and concerns of the West.
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Islam: resistance and reform
May 15, 2002
The events of 11 September notwithstanding, Islam has always been seen in the West as violent, barbaric and anti-democratic. These stereotypes were formulated during the Crusades and have persisted ever since. For Muslims, nothing could be further from the truth. Islam is all about seeking peace for its own sake.
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What Went Wrong?
Jan 1, 2002
By all standards of the modern world—economic development, literacy, scientific achievement—Muslim civilization, once a mighty enterprise, has fallen low. Many in the Middle East blame a variety of outside forces. But underlying much of the Muslim world's travail may be a simple lack of freedom.  Visit Website ]

Islam has become its own enemy
Oct 21, 2001
From Egypt to Malaysia, there is an aversion to seeing terrorism as a Muslim problem and a Muslim responsibility. Now a prominent Muslim writer calls for the moderate Islamic world to take responsibility for dealing with terrorism, which has caused more harm in their own societies than elsewhere.
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Islam Must Stand Up to Itself
Sep. 18, 2001
The sheer magnitude of the terrorist attack on America has forced many Muslims to take a more critical look at themselves. Beyond reacting to the news, there is a growing feeling that it is time to address a few of those knotty questions that we have conveniently swept under the carpet. Why have Muslim societies failed so spectacularly to come to terms with modernity?
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Terrorists, Muslims, and the American Attack
Sep. 13, 2001
Zia Sadar, cultural critic and Muslim scholar responds to the tragedy of September 11th. He claims it is simply ridiculous to talk of 'Islamic' terrorists, the media's favourite epithet.
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Alternative Futures for the Islamic Ummah
Mar 26, 1996
This paper offers three scenarios for 2025 and the future of the Islamic Ummah: (1) the Ummah as an Interpretive Community, (2) The Future Without a Name, and (3) Islam as the difference in creating the next century.
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Rescuing All Our Futures: Book Notice
Sep 15, 1999
The future is the last frontier where non-western societies are still free--free to envision desirable futures based on their own worldviews, cultures, and traditions. Yet the discipline of futures studies, this volume argues, has abandoned its goal of exploring such diverse and alternative futures in favor of a single, myopic vision that is incapable of seeing outside the framework of western thought and action, claims editor of this new Greenwood book by Ziauddin Sardar.  Visit Website ]

What is the Koran?
Jan 1, 1999
Toby Lester reports that researchers with a variety of academic and theological interests are proposing controversial theories about the Koran and Islamic history, and are striving to reinterpret Islam for the modern world. This is, as one scholar puts it, a "sensitive business."
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