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Translate our Web Pages using Babel Fish
Apr 15, 2006
Wnrf.org now enables machine translation in eight languages, using machine translation from Yahoo's Babel Fish. Readers can translate any article page into their preferred language, by just clicking on a language flag in the far right column.

WNRF Officers
Mar 24, 2004
The World Network of Religious Futurists is a team led professional society, advancing scholarship into the future of religion. This past year Dr. Rabbi Moshe Dror of Israel became its president.

WorldFutures 2003 met in San Francisco
Mar 25, 2003
The annual meeting of the WNRF was held in conjunction with the Annual Conference of the World Future Society, July 18-20, 2003 at the Hyatt Regency San Francisco, at the Embarcadero Center.
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WNRF Opens Online Forum
Nov 26, 2002
The WNRF web opens a new "Future of Religion" discussion board on its web site, allowing visitors to comments on its articles and registered members to post to topics.

Place our Headlines on your Webpages
Sep 1, 2002
Now you can get up-to-the-minute headlines from WNRF.ORG displayed on your webpages. You can choose headlines from our home page or any of our categories, such as our Dr. Kirby's essays or Jewish Futures. All that's required for you to do is to cut and paste some HTML code once onto your site, and your headlines will stay current, updating the same second we update ours. Use our syndication interface to customize the look and feel of the headlines on your site.  Visit Website ]

Religious Futurist Youth Division
Apr 8, 1999
Richard Kirby calls on young futurists to define a periodical table of spiritual elements, to practice and classify those social disciplines love.

Can Science and Technology be Re-positioned?
Sep 4, 1998
Richard Kirby offers a syllabus on a colliqiuim of science and religion for colleges to help rethink our theology of technology.

Religious Futurists: Professionals-in-Training
Aug. 21, 1998
A proposal for a two-year project to research and develop a curriculum model for the professional development of religious leaders in the area of future thinking and religious innovation in society.

A Religious Futures Bibliography
Jun 30, 1993
A bibliography of religious futurism from its foundational textbook, The Temples of Tomorrow, by Brewer and Kirby.

Al-Zarqawi Death: WNRF Re-Launch Forum
Jun 7, 2006
Our topic of the month is the death of Al-Zarqawi in Iraq and its effect on militant Islam. WNRF has just relaunched its message board. Meet and talk with others concerned about the future of religion. Discuss significant ideas and books on spirituality. Join the WNRF Forum today. We have totally reorganized it, with brand new categories. Register as a member, and introduce yourself today.

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