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Dr. Richard Kirby
Birthing a New Financial Civilization
Mar 27, 2002
The principle of Fallibilistic Materialism makes a New World of Money, part 1.

Dr. Richard Kirby
The Mondays of Tomorrow
Feb 26, 2002
Richard Kirby offers social inspiration on making Mondays productive and creative.

Dr. Richard Kirby
The Spiritual Academy of Arts
July 25, 2001
A constitution of the Spiritual Academy of Arts.

Dr. Richard Kirby
The Sacred Homes of the Future
July 11, 2001
A conversation on the sacred homes of the future with Dr. Richard Kirby.

Dr. Richard Kirby
The Sacred Theater of the Future
May 29, 2001
A conversation on the sacred theater of the future.

Dr. Richard Kirby
The Dance of the Dollars
August 24, 2000
Richard Kirby shares a tale of mysticism and money set in the year 2005.

Dr. Richard Kirby
God and the Future of Mathematics
June 27, 2000
Richard Kirby calls for theology of mathematics.

Dr. Richard Kirby
Chaplain to the Stars
May 20, 2000
Richard Kirby shares a science fiction tale of faith, a Lunar encounter with the numinous by the first religious Chaplain to the stars.

Dr. Richard Kirby
Sibelius and the Music of the Future
Apr 18, 2000
Richard Kirby celebrates the music of Finnish composer Jean Sibelius and his world spirituality.

Dr. Richard Kirby
The Animals of Tomorrow
Dec 10, 1999
Richard Kirby calls for religion to inspire us to serve as caretakers of animals everywhere and raise their quality of life.

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