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Dr. Richard Kirby
The Philosophy of Civilization Building
Nov 24, 2003
Allow me to express my thanks for this opportunity to talk with you today about the leadership of civilization, building, or more generally the philosophy and science and art of civilization yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Dr. Richard Kirby
Ride Out: a different eschatology
Mar 12, 2003
Is conflict between nations inevitable? Is God even powerless to change the status quo? Dr. Richard Kirby offers a sermon on realized eschatology and the latent power of citizens to create new avenues of peace.

Dr. Richard Kirby
African Renaissance

Dr. Richard Kirby recently interviewed Dr. Efiong Etuk, author and social change expert on Africa.

Dr. Richard Kirby
Is God At War?
Sept 23, 2002
Richard Kirby examines the role of the religious citizen in a time of war.

Dr. Richard Kirby
New Dollars In Beijing

Richard Kirby shares part two of a tale of mysticism and money set in the year 2005.

Dr. Richard Kirby
Preview: The Leadership of Civilization Building
Jan 2, 2002
A preview of The Leadership of Civilization Building, a textbook of social self-conciousness theory and practice by Spady and Kirby.

Dr. Richard Kirby
The New Dictionary of Civilization
Feb 25, 1999
A description of "The New Dictionary of Civilization" and how you can help build it.

Dr. Richard Kirby
Infinite Profit At Infinite Speed
Jun 1, 2002
A third article on a philosophy of financial practice, for the emerging field of Future Finance - a task for a community of financial futurists. The aim is to reduce world poverty by systematic, well-managed financial innovation.

Dr. Richard Kirby
The Way of Enlightened Science
May 29, 2003
Dr. Richard S. Kirby offers the first in a series of articles on the new spiritual science and its practical implications for enlightened political action by citizens and civic leaders. These articles will comprise the core curriculum for those WNRF students who are studying spiritual science and technology as their 'major' in the newer approaches to socio-political science.

Dr. Richard Kirby
Quadrupling the World GDP by 2010
Apr 16, 2002
The principles of Fallibilistic Materialism makes a New World of Money.

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