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Top News
Spiritual Progressives to Challenge Religious Right
April 17, 2006
Rabbi Michael Lerner and Benedictine Sister Joan Chittister will host a Spiritual Progressives conference in Washington, D.C. May 17-20, 2006. The meeting is organized by the Network of Spiritual Progressives, to challenge the misuse of God and religion by the Religious Right to justify war and militarism, cuts in programs for the poor and powerless.

Top News
Walsch to Host Seeds Conference
Mar 26, 2005
From June 3 - 5th, Neal Walsch and Bard College will host a "Seeds of Transformation: Toward a Spiritual Renaissance in a Time of Fundamental Change," conference. The aim is to dismantle religious ideas, such that we are "better" than others, that we are separate from one another, and in particular that God wants it only one way on this earth and that we had better get it right or we are sure to be condemned.

Top News
Make a Splash for 2025!
Feb 15, 2005
Ok, you Adobe Photoshop wizards, this is your 15 minutes of fame. Pantopicon (http://www.pantopicon.be), the Belgium-based office for future-exploration and envisioning, invites you to submit artwork for their March 2005 splash-page. This month's theme: religion. How do you see religion in 2025? Envision it!
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