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Top News
The Israel Lobby and U.S Foreign Policy?
Mar 27, 2006
The combination of unwavering support for Israel and the related effort to spread democracy throughout the region has inflamed Arab and Islamic opinion and jeopardised not only US security but that of much of the rest of the world. Could the US be setting aside its own security and in order to advance the interests of another state? Two respected political scientists examine how pro-Israeli lobbies have shift U.S. foreign policy in a pro-Israel direction.  Visit Website ]

Top News
Doctor of Ministry Focuses on Multi-Faith Context
Mar 20, 2006
New York Theological Seminary is partnering with Auburn Theological Seminary to launch a new Multifaith Doctor of Ministry in the fall of 2006 for professionals who serve across religious boundaries. The time to think beyond the traditional categories of seminary education has come, says Dr. Dale T. Irvin, Professor of World Christianity at New York Theological Seminary.

Top News
Hey Darwin, Give me that Old Time Religion
Feb 12, 2006
Seeking to counter the Intelligent Design campaign, Charles Darwin's 197th birthday was celebrated in hundreds of Christian churches on Evolution Sunday, February 12th. More than 10,000 Christian clergy signed a letter claiming that the science and religion dichotomy put forward by Fundamentalists is false. Recently, a Pennsylvania court declared "Intelligent Design" as religious creationism, unappropriate as science curriculum.  Visit Website ]

Top News
Muhammad Cartoons Controversy
Feb 6, 2006
Protests have sweep the Muslim world against Denmark. The Jyllands-Posten Muhammad cartoons controversy began after complaints were made about twelve editorial cartoons which depict the Islamic prophet Muhammad. The cartoons were initially printed in the Danish newspaper on September 30, 2005. Other newspapers in Europe, the United States, New Zealand, and Jordan have reprinted them. See Wikipedia for the images, timeline and review of this controversy.
  Visit Website ]

Top News
Emergent Jewish & Christian Leaders to Meet
Jan 3, 2006
Synagogue 3000 (S3K) and Emergent will host a ground breaking meeting to connect pioneering Jewish and Christian leaders from dynamic and innovative congregations on January 16-17, 2006, at the Brandeis-Bardin Institute in Simi Valley, CA.

Top News
Court Strikes Down Intelligent Design
Dec 20, 2005
A federal district court judge ruled that a Pennsylvania school board’s decision to include intelligent design in the high school science curriculum was an unconstitutional endorsement of religion. This was the first court test of intelligent design, which posits that life is too complex to have developed solely through random, evolutionary means.

Top News
Evangelicals Change Views on Islam Since 9/11
Dec 14, 2005
Religion writer Richard Cimino surveys evangelical literature on Islam after 9/11 and finds their argument against Islam as "essentially violent" as much a challenge to pluralism in American culture, as it was a volley in the war on terrorism.

Top News
Open Source Spirituality Web Launches
Sep 15, 2005
IntegrativeSpirituality.org officially launched its new 40,000 page spirituality and religion website around 1) tools, spiritual wisdom and community support for expanding their personal spirituality in relationship to God or Buddha, 2) spiritual wisdom to expand the global spiritual commons, 3) community with others through spiritualized social activism , and, 4) connect with other cultural creatives involved in the surging personal spirituality movement using more than two dozen web tools such as Spirit Mates.   Visit Website ]

Top News
God's October Surprise
Oct 4, 2005
Rabbi Arthur Waskow, of The Shalom Center in Philadelphia, has called on the Abrahamic faiths this October to share their sacred seasons with one another. This confluence of sacred calendars coincides in a way not seen for three decades: the Muslim Ramadan, the Jewish High Holy Days and Sukkot, and the Feast Day of St. Francis of Assisi. Waskow claims the three faiths can use "God's October surprise" to work out ways to transcend them through action as well as learning.  Visit Website ]

Top News
Future Gazing on 2050
Aug 25, 2005
What can we expect from the next five decades? Each year hundreds of scientists, business planners and futurists with The Millennium Project contribute their research, conclusions and judgements about future developments and global strategies. Their input has been condensed into the 15 global challenges in chapter one of the annual State of the Future report. See the highlights and lowlights from this year’s analysis.  Visit Website ]

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