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Transmodern Futures
The P2P Meme Map of Social Formation
Jun 30, 2005
Inspired by Howard Rheingold's (et al.) excellent map of Technologies of Cooperation, Michael Bauwens has produced one or several 'meme maps' representing his understanding of the Peer-to-Peer (P2P) universe. He welcomes comments, additions, criticisms, and above all, renderings in a more attractive graphical format.

Transmodern Futures
Integral Wiki Site Launched
May 3, 2005
Michael Bauwens and Michael DuBois have launched IntegralVisioning.org, an open web-space where artists, writers, visionaries, teachers and students can create an integral meaning and community. Built on a ivwiki platform, Integralwiki.net enables members to post in discussion forms, post articles, revise an "integral encyclopedia," solicit feedback on personal projects and post "media watch" notices for other members.   Visit Website ]

Transmodern Futures
P2P and Human Evolution
Apr 1, 2005
Michel Bauwens, the WNRF Associate for Integral Studies, has released a landmark paper on "P2P and Human Evolution." Bauwen claims peer-to-peer technology, as a new form of social exchange, is provoking a crisis in the current system, and stimulating the emergence of a more participative worldview. Throughout, he relates spirituality and human intentionality to a number of topics, including the networked society, cognitive capitalism, Empire and its discontents, and the challenges posed to traditional religions by spiritual P2P experiencing and technological transhumanism.  Visit Website ]

Transmodern Futures
The Mean Green Meme?
Summer, 2003
Chris Cowan, co-developer of Spiral Dynamics®, questions Ken Wilber's reading of Claire Graves theory of value systems development, especially his characterization of a 'Mean Green Meme.'  Visit Website ]

Transmodern Futures
Spiritual Inquiry: A Critique of Wilber
Sept, 1996
In reflecting on the work of Ken Wilber, New Zealand author John Heron offers this 1996 critique of any spiritual path that seeks to justify itself, rather than a spiritual science that seeks to open inquiry. Heron argues that sacred consensual reality comes from critical sharing of personal experience among autonomous persons.   Visit Website ]

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