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H.G. Wells and the Genesis of Future Studies
Jan. 30, 1983
Historian and futurist W. Warren Wagar reviews the range of H.G. Wells's contributions to the founding of future studies.

Christianity, the U.N., and Global Democracy
December 15, 2006
Is the United Nations a friend or foe of Christianity? Your answer indicates how you mentally frame the future of Earth and the role of religion.

Beyond Reductionism
Nov 13, 2006
In the following essay, subtitled, inventing the sacred, biochemist Stuart Kauffman frames a new scientific world view of emergence and ceaseless creativity, which, he notes, is 'awesome in what has come to pass in reality, and God enough for me and many, where God is the creativity of the universe, yielding a global ethics of respect for all life, the planet, awe, wonder and spirituality cut free from a transcendent God.'  Visit Website ]

Celebrating Diversity in Unity
Mar 9, 2006
With religious zealots destroying society with 'holier than thou' paradigms, how can people of good will salvage humanity from its path of self-destruction? Dr. Saleem Ahmed suggest we turn to 'outside the box' thinking and recover the common message of all God's prophets.

Future of Faith-Based Governance
Aug 16, 2003
In what has been perceived as a "crusade" against the Islamic faith in particular and against dissidence in general, the Christian leadership of the "free world," George Bush and Tony Blair, are now seeking to lead a "Coalition of the Willing." In this new paper, Dr. Anthony Judge offers an overview of faith-based initiatives, and attempts to point out flaws in previous approaches to religious governance.
  Visit Website ]

The Future of God?
Jun 24, 2001
Oxford Futurist Dr. Wendy Schultz offers a lecture on the humanity's relationship with God and how future changes brought by the biological or genomic ages might shift that.  Visit Website ]

A Religious Vision for the 21st Century
Jul 30, 1986
A new religious vision is needed to address the global problems left on the 21st century agenda, wrote the late Dr. Earl C. Brewer, founding father of the religious futures movement.

Annual Table of World Religions, 1900-2025
Jan. 1, 2002
Statistics of world population and adherents of world religions, with projections out to the year 2025 by David Barrett and Todd Johnson.

Religion and Governance
May 14, 1998
How will religion impact government and world affairs in the 21st century? The European Commission offers a way to understand Religion and Governance.

Religion and Governance: A Response
Oct 13, 1998
How will religion impact government and world affairs in the 21st century? A response by John J. Reilly.

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