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Cyber Synagogue Forum
Oct 10, 2002
What might a Synagogue in Cyberspace look like? Rabbi Moshe Dror and Dr. Richard Lippin consider this question and call for partners to develop a cyberspace community focused on study of space and the Sacred from a futures frame of reference.

Welcome to the Jewish Futures Network
July 28, 1998
Welcome to the Jewish Futures Network, where we explore the future of Judaism and cyber-spirituality. I am your host, Rabbi Dr. Moshe Dror. Let me tell you a bit about myself...

Questions for Jewish Futurists
Aug 10, 1998
Here are questions we are considering as Jewish Futurists related to Judaism, Jewry and Israel.

Judaism: Into the 21st Century
Jan 15, 2001
What factors are shaping Judaism as it enters the 21st century? Just as the Industrial Society radically transformed Judaism and created what we now call modern Judaism; so the Information Culture will continue to transform Judaism diverse post-modern forms.

Toward a Potential Zionist Renewal
Jan 15, 2001
How can Judaism experience a post-Zionist renewal? How can we experience Jewish continuity in an age of dis-continuity? How do we navigate change?

Moshe Dror Receives Earl Award
Jul. 28, 1998
Rabbi Moshe Dror, PhD, received the Earl Award for 1998, for Religious Futurist of the Year Award at the World Future Society.

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