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The New Sinai
Jan 10, 2005
In tracing how the Torah has been transmitted down through history, Rabbi Dror considers the new mediums Moses might use today to spread the Torah.

The Patriarch's Journey
Jan 2, 2005
Dr. Rabbi Moshe Dror offers the first of several webcasts, inviting listeners to join him on Abraham's journey, and explore how we might use cyberspace to expand our spirituality and community.

Brave New Judaism
Nov 15, 2004
Clones, genetically modified foods, frozen embryos, stem cells, gene therapy: these are some of the new discoveries and scientific developments that are guaranteed to change our lives and our society forever. How does Judaism, an ancient religion, come to terms with such dramatic changes? Brave New Judaism, an insightful new book explores Jewish reactions to cutting-edge biological issues that continue to dominate the headlines.  Visit Website ]

A Light Unto the Nations
May 31, 2004
Natalie Dian offers a review of 'Futurizing the Jews'--the new book by Bisk and Dror on Jewish grand strategy beyond Zionism, re-visioning community and Jewish identity.

Futures Burning Bush - Satellite Art by Ratner
May 31, 2007
Dr. Rabbi Moshe Dror offers an essay at Israelseen.com on the Future Bible Bush Burning Satellite artwork of Philip Ratner, and its implications for the Jewish mission in the space age.  Visit Website ]

Cyber Rabbi Accepts Colorado Tour
May 1, 2004
Dr. Rabbi Moshe Dror, WNRF's Cyber Rabbi, has accepted an invitation to tour Colorado July 18 to 22nd, to challenge both Jews and Gentiles alike to embark upon a Third Exodus. After speaking to the Pikes Peak chapter, Rabbi Dror will travel to Washington, D.C. to formally address the World Future Society on "The Future of Transmodern Spirituality."
  Visit Website ]

PBS Documentary Begun on Torah in Space
May 18, 2004
When the Space Shuttle Columbia broke up over the western United States in February 2003, an international crew of seven astronauts lost their lives. Also lost was a tiny Torah scroll of historic significance that Payload Specialist Col. Ilan Ramon, Israelís first astronaut, had taken along as a personal item. The tiny Torah was a precious artifact from the Holocaust and Ramon had chosen it as a symbol of perseverance. Now PBS is filming a documentary on this story for release in the Spring of 2005.   Visit Website ]

Toward the Third Exodus
May 2, 2004
Moshe Dror, WNRF's Cyber Rabbi, shares his "Third Exodus" call, away from sacred spaces bound by geography and toward the unbounded, fascinating new frontier of Cyberia, the habitation of our communities of tomorrow, built with spiritualities that know no limits.

Futurizing the Jews
Jan 12, 2004
In this ambitious book, Futurizing the Jews (Praeger, 2003), Rabbi Moshe Dror and Tsvi Bisk offer a comprehensive critique of where the Jewish People are at the beginning of the twenty-first century, how they got there, and where they should be going if they want to survive.

Jewish Population Declining or Rising?
Oct 8, 2002
Jewish population decliningA new survey reveals the Jewish population in the United States is aging and has declined 5% over the past decade. In addition, young Jewish mothers are waiting longer to have fewer children. The survey is, by far, the largest and most comprehensive ever conducted of American Jews. But a survey released in August claimed U.S. Jews were up 18% since 1990.  Visit Website ]

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