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Synagogue 3000 elects new Chair
Feb 19, 2008
Rabbi Aaron Spiegel, noted expert on congregational studies and a director at the Indianapolis Center for Congregations, takes the helm of Synagogue 3000, an organization that empower synagogues to become compelling moral and spiritual centers - sacred communities - for the twenty-first century.

Study Highlights Emerging Jewish Communities
Dec 3, 2007
Over the past few years, an important new phenomenon in Jewish life has manifested: the creation of dozens of independent minyanim, spiritual communities, alternative worship services, and emergent congregations. These new organizations add diverse opportunities for worship, learning, social justice work, community-building and spiritual expression. A new study by Synagogue 3000 and Mechon Hadar highlights this research.

The Optimistic Jew - Book Tour
Aug 4, 2007
Tired of pessimism about the future of the Jewish people? Tsvi Bisk offers a positive vision and critique of Judaism, the Diaspora, and Israel in his new book. He shows why globalization makes it possible for Jews to realize their own individual potential.

Future Bible Commentary
Jun 13, 2007
Can artwork, not just text serve as commentary on the Bible? Dr. Rabbi Moshe Dror has launched a regular commentary on the Hebrew Bible at IsraelSeen.com, using the artwork of Philip Ratner and others. Ponder anew what the Almighty can do in the transmodern age.  Visit Website ]

Satin Calls for One-State Solution
April 17, 2007
Could a one-state solution resolve the 60 year-old Israeli-Palestinian crisis? In leiu of the lag in coming to a two-state solution since the 1990s, Mark Satin argues for new thinking and new views on the chosen people--both Jews and Palestinians.   Visit Website ]

JewsOnFirst Aims to Counter Christian Right
May 21, 2006
Launched in October 2005, JewsOnFirst.org opposes the growing strength of the Christian right and the accelerating pace of its theocratic agenda. Their resistance to Christianization includes, standing against cultural intimidation of minorities, faith-based diversion of tax dollars and resisting the use of U.S. foreign policy for evangelical aims.   Visit Website ]

Schools Receive Jewish Secularism Grants
Apr 5, 2006
The Center for Cultural Judaism in New York announced Posen Grants for five addition American universities to join the study of secular Jewish history and cultures. Each new school will receive $50,000 per year, for up to three years, towards the development of new courses of study in this area.

Why I supported the Disengagement
Dec. 13, 2005
Israeli Futurist Tsvi Bisk shares why he feels Israel's disengagement decision, with respect to Gaza, was in Israel's best interest, in improving its standing in the world and pursuing its grand strategy of a Jewish homeland.

A Future for Jews and Israel
Feb 1, 2005
jewsIn Futurizing the Jews, Bisk and Dror offer a thought-provoking examination of where the Jewish people are at the beginning of the twenty-first century, how they got there, and where they should be going if they want to survive. Topics include Zionism in the twenty-first century, the future of Arab-Jewish and Jewish-Christian relations, the future of Israeli culture, and the Jewish community in cyberspace

Rewiring the Brain
Apr 4, 2005
An revolution of images, not just words has brought about an Iconic revolution, claims Rabbi Moshe Dror, in this 11 minute webcast. Our very brains are processing meaning differently from our right hemispheres, not just our left. Discover how the spiritual communities of tomorrow will forward this rennaisance, launched by Marshall McLuhan.

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